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10 behind-the-scenes facts about Spider-Man: No Way Home


Spoiler Alert: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Path Home has taken the world by storm and anyone can talk about it, whether it’s the deaths of particular characters or the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. But with everything going on in the movie and all the thousands of characters, it looks like production could have been a logistical nightmare.

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While it turned out better than expected, production was over schedule due to COVID-19 and Jamie Foxx hosted spontaneous dance parties on set. In between those evenings, with Tom Holland playing pranks on producers and JK Simmons arguing over mustaches, it’s amazing the movie is over.


Tom Holland and JK Simmons never met on set

Of all the big surprises and familiar faces that come along No way home, the return of J. Jonah Jameson is one of the most exciting. We missed his witty remarks on how evil Spider-Man is and his aggressive personality. But while he has many scenes in the film criticizing the web-slinger, according to Holland, he and Simmons never met on set.

This isn’t all that surprising, because it’s such a huge movie full of so many characters, and the two don’t even share a scene together. But as exciting as J. Jonah Jameson’s return is, part of what makes the character great is how he harassed and yelled at his employees and Peter Parker, and those interactions were missed in No way home.

Tom Holland did not believe in the script

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

There are tons of shocking moments in Spider Man: No way home, whether it’s the three different Spider-Men teaming up or Matt Murdock coming out of nowhere. But given how multidimensional and ambitious the film is, essentially not only being No way home corn The Incredible Spider-Man 3 also, Holland was skeptical as to whether it would work or not.

When Holland first presented the film, the actor thought it was a “really great idea”, but it just couldn’t be realized. And he then went on to explain that he was so surprised that they are now promoting the film.

The producers had to convince the actors to come back without letting them read the script

Electro, during Spider-Man No Way Home, drawing its energy from an arc reactor.

With the film being so full of twists and turns, it’s hard to keep everything a secret and hidden from fans – especially when Holland has been known to accidentally mess up the storylines. One thing Marvel Studios and Sony did to combat this was not to allow any of the actors to read the script.

Kevin Feige has revealed that it was so difficult to get Garfield, Maguire, and all of the villainous actors to agree to come back into the franchise without letting them read anything. And that’s where he gives credit to Sony producer Amy Pascal, as he explains that she isn’t afraid to call anyone at any time.

Willem Dafoe was convinced in a different way

Green Goblin attacking Spider-Man in No Way Home.

Willem Dafoe is such a phenomenal actor because he can put on absolutely dramatic, manic performances like the Green Goblin, but still get away with it completely when the director screams to cut. He’s so fun and chatty, and that leads to some interesting facts like this. Although none of the actors in the Maguire and Garfield films were allowed to read the script before boarding, Dafoe explains in detail how he ate wine and dined.

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It wasn’t quite as stylish as it sounds, but he just passed out over director Jon Watts’ speech about how the goblin would be involved. Unlike Holland, Dafoe thought the idea made perfect sense, and he was so excited to take the role further.

Tom Holland played pranks on producers

The way Holland acts in interviews and press releases isn’t just a facade, as it seems he’s just as much of a prankster behind the scenes. As the movie was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crew were constantly using hand sanitizer, and at the same time, Holland was using a bottle of lube to fix a broken zipper on the Spidey suit.

The actor tricked Mitch Bell, a producer who Holland hilariously says is “in charge of the money,” that the lube bottle was hand sanitizer. Bell was walking around, randomly trying to rub the lube into his hands. And apparently, later that day Holland did the same prank on a boom operator as well.

The Toothpick Platform

The more behind-the-scenes facts, the more it seems that production has been a playground for Holland. Instead of having the practical tentacles like he did in Spider-man 2, Doctor Octopus’ tentacles are now digital, but that means he has to be attached to what’s called a toothpick platform.

Just like Otto Octavius ​​is one of Sam Raimi’s friendliest characters. Spider Man trilogy, Alfred Molina is so friendly and chatty with the cast and crew. But, according to Holland, anytime Molina was strapped to the toothpick platform, he would have no control over where he was going. And just as he was talking to people, he was swung from one end of the room to the other. Holland remembers Molina saying to him, “Yeah, so Tom, I’m from south London,” and the next thing he heard was, “Oh fuck buddy, I’ll see you later.”

JK Simmons fought to keep the mustache

spider-man no way home j jonah jameson

The MCU version of the iconic J. Jonah Jameson is almost identical to that found in Raimi’s films, the only difference being the lack of a flat haircut. However, it seems a lot of this is due to Simmons, who apparently told Marvel about a very different look for the character.

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Simmons explained that he had to fight with the studio to keep his mustache, cigar and attitude. While Marvel removing the cigar makes sense, one Disney avoids putting cigarettes in their movies whenever they can, it’s making you wonder what the studio has against mustaches.

Marisa Tomei ruined the ending for her therapist

Aunt May is questioned by police in Spider-Man No Way Home.

Marvel Studios goes to great lengths to keep spoilers from leaking, and that includes getting actors to sign contracts promising not to reveal anything. But according to Marisa Tomei, the stress of keeping No way home the secrets to herself were getting a little too much. However, the actor found an ingenious pothole.

Since therapists are bound by doctor / patient confidentiality, Tomei could tell his therapist all the spoils without having to worry. It’s amazing if she told her therapist about the scene of Aunt May’s death, because the Spider-Man: No Path Home The fan theory that turned out to be right was so heartbreaking that so many MCU fans are probably talking to their own therapists.

Marvel promised Jamie Foxx he wouldn’t be blue

Electro shoots lightning bolts at Spider-Man the Amazing Spider-Man 2

Electro has one of the best and most accurate costumes in comics Spider-Man: No Path Home, and his flash mask that appears whenever he shoots electronic charges is such a thrill. However, this has not always been the case, and in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, he had a strange blue appearance.

According to Sony producer Pascal, when she tried to lure Jamie Foxx into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she had to promise him that Electro wouldn’t be blue. And luckily, she kept her promise. Electro also has a very different human look in No way home, because he’s a good talker who spits in one line, which is funny but causes some intrigue.

Jamie Foxx threw a dance party on set

Spider-Man swinging with MJ in No Way Home.

Just like the characters he plays, whether it’s Django in Django unchained or Electro in No way home, Jamie Foxx is the king of cool. And he’s also a jack of all trades, as he’s an actor, comedian, and singer, so it’s no surprise he’s a dancer too.

According to Zendaya, who looked a little jealous after spending a few days off, she entered the set to find Foxx having a dance party. She explains that Rihanna was performing and that the whole cast and crew were dancing. As production was late at the time, Zendaya blamed these parts for reason, but it appears she was suffering from major FOMO.

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