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aboywithabag releases groovy single house “Summertime In New York”


aboywithabag releases groovy single house “Summertime In New York”: Listen

Seeking to make a name for himself in the electronic dance scene, aboywithabag (real name Sai Aditya) has just released his latest single titled ‘Summer in New York. ‘ Make his New noise Debut “with a sizzling house-party banger”, this track has all the feel-good elements to get you grooving in no time!

Breaking the so-called norm is something aboywithabag has been doing since the start of his career, with the India-born producer embodying the essence of the modern age through the constant refinement of his technique and his ability to adopt inter-melodic melodies. -gender. With this last track, aboywithabag is able not only to showcase his undeniable talent as a producer, but also to amplify the importance of versatility within this industry.

With his signature groove house sound throughout this latest production, the addition of an infectious voice makes “Summertime In New York” stand out. Providing a groovy vibe throughout, listeners will embark on a journey like no other, with the track also featuring dynamic synths on the vibey bassline and vocal samples. Taking it a step further, aboywithabag showcased its musical prowess by producing a masterfully distinctive tech-house sound.

Coming from a cultural background, the multi-talented producer set out to create music imbued with positive energy in the hopes of motivating, inspiring, comforting and spreading love around the world. Taking inspiration from people like SINNER and Carl cox, this promising producer has set himself the goal of bringing nothing but happiness to all those who listen to his music.

Released now via Dim Mak discs, ‘Summertime In New York’ is all about success. Delivering energetic vibes from the get-go, this latest track is sure to inspire any listener to take flight. So with that in mind, be sure to check out this latest single below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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