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AFK shares their “rebirth” through a versatile debut album

AFK offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Renaissancehis debut album now available on Welcome Records.

bass music phenomenon, AFK, is highly regarded for his versatility and passion. Whether you remember him as one of the OGs of the 2010s or are a new fan, there’s always something to love about his sound. Unfazed by the changes happening around him within the scene, AFK isn’t shy about trying something new or incorporating his own tastes to create something unique. He’s also been very honest about taking time for his mental and physical health over the years, and now he’s coming back stronger than ever.

With major recognition among dance music giants, AFK has long been an influence for many. With tracks on labels including UKF, Deadbeatsand that of Jauz bite that, there was only room to go up. After taking a hiatus for self-improvement, AFK now returns with their debut album, Renaissancewhich is now available At Kayzo’s Welcome Records.

Departure or recent interview with the AKFdive into Renaissance on your favorite platform, and continue below to learn more about the tracks!

AFK flow – Renaissance on Spotify:

AFK releases all the artillery for its first album Renaissancewhich is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish.

His sounds transcend genres as he plays around the spectrum of dance music to his liking. Renaissance portrays this perfectly, with AFK inviting collaborators of different styles to join, making the dynamic of the album even better. The album contains eight fantastic tracks, with three collaboration tracks with Kayzo, Future releaseand Moley.

The album takes off with the first single “Transmission“, which still holds up. AFK and Kayzo take “All that I need” to the next level with speed and intense dance that gets your heart pumping. “soul cycle‘, on the other hand, brings it back to a mellow intro, then shocks with slamming drums and bass that listeners will love.

AFK and Moley’s”Cold heart“shows a perfect fusion of their two styles, with the punchy dubstep front and center, and the low bass to balance it out. Another favorite,”Interdimensional cow fuckers”creates a world and fires the imagination with imagery of intergalactic warfare fueled by dubstep, granular synths and our favorite space cows. “Atom Smasher continues the saga, with smooth, fast drums and bass to close it out. The production of this track is impeccable, with the most satisfying listening experience we’ve had in a while.

After having lived Renaissance, we can’t resist saying that the AFK has done it again. It looks like self-care is the way to go now, as AFK has come back stronger and better than ever. We are sure that listeners will feel the same after listening to the album. We’re proud to see AFK through its reincarnation and can’t wait to see what’s next!

AFK- Renaissance – List of tracks:

  1. Transmission
  2. Everything I need with Kayzo
  3. soul cycle
  4. Close your eyes with the future release
  5. Coldheart with Moley
  6. Interdimensional cow fuckers
  7. Bounce
  8. Atom Smasher

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