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Music, man – that’s the biggest, isn’t it? I know it’s obvious, but do you ever feel completely shitty and then think, I will listeninsert your favorite group here> “And you almost instantly feel a hundred million times better? Yeah, the same. Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression there is, it nourishes the soul. So here are a bunch of bands and artists that just might become your new favorites! Enjoy!


From the mountains of Colorado arrive a group led by the incredibly enigmatic Demi Demitro, who spent nine hours a day, every day of her childhood, playing the guitar and honing her craft. And Arts and crafts is really the word here, with his band The Velveteers. In an age where you can click a mouse and add huge swaths of reverb and effects to 100 audio tracks, at a time when so many people think we’re going to make that sound sick when we produce it. ”The Velveteers take a step back, stripping rock’n’roll of its building blocks and rebuilding it in their image. Don’t miss the debut album Nightmare Daydream when it hits October 8.


A long time ago I stumbled upon Harpy and was immediately struck by his ability to create dreamlike ambient sound textures that sound floating and atmospheric while having a very heavy punch. It sounds like an impossible juxtaposition, but she had the ability to do it right from the start.

Then Harpy darkens. She slipped behind the curtain, writing, perfecting, uncovering, sharpening. Now she has reappeared with her first single. Join her from the start of what will be an incredible musical journey. Everyone in the music industry is looking for it ‘, the unquantifiable superstar quality that has so many names. No matter what you call it, Harpy has it.

ST Manville

Today’s theme seems to be talented souls ”, because here is another artist for whom it suffices to say he is awesome “, or which voice “or God, this guy can write songs, can’t he, ”just isn’t close enough to the actual level of talent. ST Manville – real name Sam Manville – is a gift for music, a guy who over the course of his life challenged people’s musical tastes and pushed boundaries, delivering group after group, project after project, experiences impeccable sound. From West Midlands superheroes Blakfish over ten years ago to electronic hip-hop project FTSE and everything else, everything Sam touches, everything he creates, is remarkable.

As ST Manville, however, Sam seems to have made it home one way or another. The music is tender and powerful, with an authenticity that can only be achieved through sheer emotional honesty.


Potentially the coolest person on Earth, Cassyette is an artist who breaks down genre boundaries and puts her artistic energy into each of her tracks. The songs contain progressive riffs that A Perfect Circle fans would love, electronic vibes that would sting the hair on the nape of Nine Inch Nails fans, but make no mistake… there is no imitation here, it’s just all in the pot and then Cassyette shakes it into a totally fresh new cocktail that you just want to drink until you can’t stand up anymore. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate his voice? Holy shit. Impeccable.

Haunted youth

Finally, this time I’d like you to take a look at The Haunted Youth. Recall 00s dreamy-indie-rock and sounding like MGMT – memory? – went out to dinner with The Cure and had too many glasses of wine, The Haunted Youth creates lush soundscapes that make the world a little easier to navigate and I am 100 percent here for that.

Hear Alex Baker perform the Fresh Blood Show on Kerrang! Radio, Wednesday evenings of 9afternoon

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Posted on September 24, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

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