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Aly & AJ’s ‘With Love From’ Video Is A Postcard Of Melancholy

As people lose their minds over “Potential Breakup Song” at the club, Aly & AJ lay low. Or at least that’s according to the lyrics of their latest single “With Love From”. The song, a wistful American folk ballad about letting go and growing up, is a hairpin turn away from the ultra-pop songs that made them famous, and represents a new chapter for the duo.

The video for “With Love From,” the title track from their upcoming album, was released this week. Directed by Stephen Ringer, married to Aly Mishalka and known for the 2015 independent film Weepah Way for now, the music video is a melancholy scrapbook, told through grainy film and long close-up shots.

Shot in a quiet moment between tours, as the song title suggests, the video has a postcard quality, with shots of Aly and AJ performing on stage, picking dandelions, meandering around Las Vegas and Marfa, Texas, headbanging in a garage, and dancing with glasses of whiskey. There’s no plot, just emotional brushstrokes, a bit like a dream.

“I’m hiding in Missouri/ I’m happy nowhere/ I had it all in front of me, I didn’t care,” AJ sings over smooth guitars before pumping out the chorus: “I told you I’d change / But I guess I never did,” with the faintest flicker of a guitar.

“We wanted to make a record that delved deeper into American folk music, and we’re not claiming that this record is among the great Americans, but we did our best to tell our story and stay true to who we are as as songwriters and musicians,” said Aly Michalka Variety.

“Pop is still in our DNA – it’s songwriting at its core. Every song, in some way, is pop. With many ways to format songs, they’re usually in a pop format AJ said, “But I think for Aly and me to bring in a little more of a rock edge, a little more guitar, a little more analog-leaning production as opposed to electronic-leaning synths.”

Aly & AJ also announced tour dates this week for their “With Love From” tour, which kicks off in March and resumes in September, spanning 18 cities.

Watch the music video for Aly & AJ’s “With Love From” below.