Electronic dance

American music producers Big O and Tranzformer release their first EDM album, “The Art Of Duplexity”

Author: Jennifer Stone

Music producers Big O and Tranzformer have collaborated on their latest album, “The Art of Duplexity,” featuring 12 stunning electronic melodies from both artists.

American hip-hop music producer Big O collaborates with an experimental punk rock artist and producer Transformer to release both their debut album The art of duplexity. The album consists of 12 extraordinary synth-pop melodies that have the power to hypnotize audiences with their hypnotic resonance. The album opens with the soothing EDM number, ‘dream walk‘ which starts with a very low and soothing melodic flow that slowly fades into a more playful yet happy resonance. In the album 5 songs are produced by Big O6 are produced by Transformerand the track ‘hi life‘ is produced by both.

Orlando Turner, better known as Big O, has always been drawn to music. He started creating his own beats at the age of 13 and has never looked back since. He currently resides in the UK and has collaborated with many artists like New York rapper LOU, Bizarre Ride, Frank N Dank P-Rawb’s Dankery Harv, and Skyzoo, among others. He recently teamed up with the San Diego music producer Transformer for his latest album, The art of duplexity. The tracks on the album are soothing, funky, entertaining and uplifting all at once. The album is available on Spotify and the video clip of the track, ‘Bi-Coast‘ is available on Youtube.