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“Appropriate and ensure respect”: SHERELLE leads a paradigm shift in dance music – Dossiers


So what does it take to build a movement? “Everyone needs to be on the same page and you need certain people to lead and take full charge. If you can clearly see that there is some form of openness or that you have the capacity to change something in front of you, if you think about it, you are actually able to do it. There is no other way of thinking, ”says SHERELLE. You can see from those early videos (or indeed, if you were there at these shows you would have felt it) that the people around her encouraged and supported her from the start. A community is formed at the front row of the club. “The community is important because without it, everyone would be on their own island, doing what they want. There is no common goal in progress, ”she said.

“There are so many different things that could be changed for the better that will make the scene better. And once that job is done, everyone can really happily and kindly coexist. I think people need to stop pretending that there is nothing wrong with the scene; we can all still be raving, but if you think of all the places that make a lot of money and if you think if they were ever to invest 5% of that money in a really great initiative that would help young DJs or producers get in in music, and how many people are probably left behind or not picked up because of that, it just makes me sad. So I think me and the rest of us all understand that, if we do something community, we all reach out to people with the common goal of making the scene better.

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SHERELLE builds a community on empathy and respect and she reinforces this by joining the dots between other artists and the communities in which they reside. She pays homage to former performers like Storm, Krust and Kode9 by welcoming them to her radio shows or to her home. parties and always make sure that the artists present BEAUTIFUL get a platform too. She also regularly shouts and exchanges music with international collectives like Juke Bounce Werk, Worst Behavior and HAUS of ALTR and essentially champion the past, present and future of bass-rich dance music, which means these islands are turning into a vast archipelago. This manifests itself in her mix and her radio release but also in IRL, as during her next fabric buyout, where she fills the club with legends and newcomers. “It’s about making it bigger and bigger. In fact, I think that our scene is a collective because we always felt that we were on the other side, we cannot enter the spaces and the circles that will allow us to gain a lot, a lot of money to be able to function fully, ”she says.

“We’re not talking about the image of it, or the image of what the music can look like and what it can add. The main thing is music and music only. And the only way for me to keep it relevant is to constantly think and understand, to know and listen to the music around me, to listen to the new kinds of shapes and ways that people are going to play. legs, jungle, anything above 160 BPM. Constantly finding ways to use my own platform to support people to get them out, get people to listen to them, talk about them, etc. you stay relevant too. I’m constantly looking in every hole where I can find any sort of crazy track or set, all the emails I might have missed in the time I’ve been shooting and all that kind of shit and everything. , anyone that I haven’t signed, these are all things I always keep in mind.


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