Electronic artist

Artists who explore how technology affects our daily lives

The last episode of Open studio with Jared Bowen revisits conversations he had with artists about technology and art.

First, Bowen interviews artist Tabitha Soren, whose work explores our transactional relationships with electronic devices. She sees the finger swipes we leave on our screens as a roadmap of our digital selves. His photographs of these stained surfaces show how captive we are to technology. Bowen met Soren in 2019, when his exhibit, “Surface Tension,” was on display at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College.

Next, Bowen goes to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, which has renovated and relocated its Greek and Roman galleries. While the objects in these galleries date back thousands of years, everything old is new again. The MFA uses augmented reality, 3D computer modeling, sound design and other technologies to give visitors a better understanding of how the ancient works they are viewing were made.

Then Bowen looks at the art of Fatimah Tuggar. The multidisciplinary artist uses technology both as a medium and as a subject in his work. Bowen revisits the artist’s 2019 exhibition, “Fatimah Tuggar: Home’s Horizons”, which was on view at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College.

Finally, Jared Bowen meets photographer Steve Koppel. Koppel found that for many people suffering from cancer, addictions and the like, expression can help people heal. Koppel founded the EDI Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting recovery through imagery, which people create on mobile devices. Bowen spoke with Koppel last year about expressive digital technology.

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