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Audience Interface “The backbone of my studio”, says Skunk Anansie Vocalist

Audience Interface “The backbone of my studio”, says Skunk Anansie Vocalist

UNITED STATES – Acclaimed rock singer, electronic music DJ and radio host Skin has set up a demo songwriting studio and DJ console in her New York home, which includes Audient’s iD22 audio interface . “Like most studio nerds, my home setup is constantly changing, but I have enough gear to record studio-quality vocals,” she says.

“I also record my radio show on Absolute Radio at home, so I rearrange things for that. To record my radio show, I use the Audient iD22 interface with my Austrian Audio OC16 microphone; I have Eve SC207 monitors that I switch with Avantone speakers using a Baby RAM Heritage Audio switcher, all coming into Logic Pro X.

She always knew how to manage in a studio, but preferred to let an engineer manage the technology while she focused on her creativity. However, it was ‘lockdown’ that changed that, and she spent a few months perfecting her own studio space. “First I upgraded the software which meant upgrading my computer, then my DJ speakers weren’t accurate enough, then I couldn’t get the vocal sound I wanted via my original interface, which also needed an upgrade.”

She asked her guitarist, Ace from Skunk Anansie, who immediately recommended the iD22 from British manufacturer Audient. It was spot on! “It’s quick and easy to use and understand,” she explains. “He has a lot of versatility as I can get both of us to sing and play/record at the same time, but mostly my voice sounds good so I can really enjoy singing!”

She was so happy with her iD22 that she chose the more compact iD4 to record vocals on the go. “It will save me from having to dismantle my New York studio,” she said. She wasn’t disappointed with the two-in/two-out audio interface. “I absolutely adore her, she’s a little beauty!” Perfect for traveling and sounds great. Check out his mobile studio on Instagram here.

Music is certainly a constant for Skin, and his studio setup reflects that. “I use a variety of mics depending on what I’m doing. I have a Neumann TLM 49, an Aston Microphones Spirit Black and a variety of Shure, SM58 Beta, SM57 mics, all of which sound great using the iD22, whether for vocals, guitar or percussion . It’s the backbone of my studio, it’s the dusty gear that never changes.

So what’s next for her? She’s just finished a song for a new BBC series ‘SAS Rogue Heroes’ which will be released soon and is also working on Skunk Anansie’s next album, so she’s excited to focus on creativity again. That said, Skin’s inner studio nerd is never far away. “It would be interesting to try the Audient ASP800,” she muses.

October 17, 2022