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Australian Community Radio Music Selections

Image: Sarah Gelmi (@ftografs); Daniel Grant/Facebook

As Australia’s music scene begins to enter a cautious state of normality after a difficult few years, music directors and community radio presenters across the country have shed light on the top local talent making the rounds today.

As many of us adjust to the new global environment after the past two years, Australian musicians still face huge limitations in work opportunities to support and sustain their careers. Exposure is more important than ever and, ironically, harder to find in today’s media landscape.

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project – better known as Amrap – offers Australian musicians a broadcast route to the many community stations that have long championed Australian music of all persuasions. Offering exposure often before anyone else, community radio is a solid and unique network sheltered from passing trends.

In this Dull tone series, we turned to the music directors and presenters of some of the amazing community stations across the country for their latest favorite Australian music discoveries from Amrap.

Matthew Perrett, Music Director of RTRFM Perth, is launching the 2022 edition of this series with Australian music available on Amrap to help compile a playlist of the best local tunes making the rounds on community radio for you to enjoy. put your teeth into it.

Check out “To The Water” by the Mackerels:

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Mackerels – ‘In the water’

The Mackerels, five musicians from Jangly Boorloo/Perth, are back with ‘To The Water’, a spacious excursion through unmistakably Aussie indie rock, and the epic moment from the upcoming debut album. Conduct Under.

Web Rumors – “Paradise”

Boorloo/Perth-based new wave band Web Rumors (Em Burrows) returns in 2022 with “Heaven”, a deep pre-house dancefloor scorcher inspired by the New York club scene of the 1980s. second album of 2021 new tricks which included the synth-laden lead single ‘New Wave Heartache’ and disco-adjacent ‘Moving On’.

Check out “Bumblebee” by Blood Knows:

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Blood Knows – ‘Bumblebee’

Blood Knows returns with ‘Bumblebee’, bringing together New York boogie and electro funk influences with light-hearted vocals and a sensitive approach to classic electronic production – adding to an ever-growing body of self-produced work.

Downsyde – ‘Winding Road’

Following their latest politically charged single ‘Call’, Downsyde release ‘Winding Road’, their latest slice of street soul hip-hop, featuring vocalist Sam Nafie who appeared on the band’s previous single, ‘Odds’.

Check out Mal De Mer’s ‘Pray To You’:

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Seasick – ‘Pray You’

Mal de Mer’s latest single from their upcoming second EP is an interlocking dance between drums, bass and piano that underpins gritty guitar lines, floating synth swells and jazz-inspired interludes.

Hector Morlet – “Party… ahaha”

Perth/Boorloo bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Hector Morlet releases his retro neon single “Party…ahaha” taking on the pop sensibilities and stereotypes of TV intro songs and singing jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and the transforming into an irresistible earworm.

Discover “Tuscon” by Siobhan Cotchin:

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Siobhan Cotchin – ‘Tucson’

The intimate Perth/Boorloo artist creates an alternate world of alternate country – centered around a narrator held captive by his small-town mentality and backed by a wonderful neo-Western soundtrack.

No Nomad – ‘I’m Afraid (700 Feel Remix)’

A chopped and screwed eclectic reimagining of the jazz sound of No Nomad in a new electronic take on the Sydney/Eora duo 700 Feel – a distorted, twisted and thrilling take on the nu-jazz sound of the sic piece.

Check out our playlist of Australian community radio music selections: