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Author and Healer Publishes Powerful and Restorative Memoir on Finding Hope and Healing After Severe Trauma


Childhood sexual abuse is a horrific and painful crime that affects millions of children around the world, leaving them to suffer, often in silence, with pervasive feelings of shame, self-hatred and worthlessness. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, incest and rape, author Anne de Nada uses her memoir “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall: My Journey to Heal, Learn, and Rise from the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse” to raise awareness of the psychological aspects of severe trauma and encourage others with similar experiences to embark on their own healing journey.

In “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall”, de Nada unflinchingly recounts her upbringing with a sexually and emotionally abusive father and emotionally absent mother and the devastating damage inflicted on her sense of self. At 16, she was orphaned and destitute, rejected by other members of her family and dependent on herself for her survival. However, as she began to build her life and manifest her desires into reality, she adjusted to a power deeper within herself.

As de Nada drew on her inner guidance, she connected with a variety of healers and teachers who helped her repair her body and mind and set her on the path to total enlightenment. Through acupuncture, energy healing, primal therapy, and various other holistic techniques, she was able to overcome repressed trauma and overcome many of her blockages to connect with her higher self.

“In telling my story, I hope to show three things: trauma doesn’t have to define you, there is a way to come back from trauma and trauma can be a teacher,” de Nada said.

Ultimately, in “Twisted Roots, Standing Tall,” by Nada empowers readers who have experienced trauma or sexual trauma to heal, learn, and uplift. By recounting her personal journey from self-hatred to freedom, abundance, self-love and transformation, she illustrates how others can break free from the constraints of their trauma and manifest the deepest desires of their hearts. .

“The writing is warm and intimate, revealing a wonder for nature and examples of constant learning, although the book’s greatest focus is on the healing process itself,” wrote Foreword Clarion Reviews. “‘Twisted Roots, Standing Tall’ is a touching dissertation on the growth of past traumatic experiences.”

“Crooked Roots, Standing: My Journey to Heal, Learn, and Get Out of the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

By Anne de Nada (author), Joanne O’Brien-Levin (contributor)

ISBN: 9781532046117 (soft cover); 9781532046131 (hard cover); 9781532046124 (electronic)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the Author

Anne de Nada is an author, speaker, artist, poet and advocate for awareness of sexual violence. Orphaned and destitute at the age of 16, she transcended her trauma to study and become a successful businesswoman and world traveler. Today, de Nada is a full-fledged healer, and her goal is to inspire others to heal their lives and bring more light and love to the world for the benefit of all mankind. She has also written “Whispers of Grace: Volume I” and “Whispers of Grace: Volume II”, which showcase her art and poetry. To learn more, visit annedenada.com.

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