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Bedouin and the language of music

Bedouin and the language of music: New York DJ and production duo Bedouin have played festivals around the world, but they’ve had to work to get there.

“I started as a teenager going to raves and illegal clubs in New York around 1995”, explains Amir Abousabe. “At that time luckily they didn’t care that you were a teenager…we first used our father friends’ record collection and then slowly started to have enough money for our own records…but we could only afford 2 or 3 a week so it was a slow build Fast forward to 2011…I met Tamer [Malki] and we did the first Bedouin EP released on Supernature… that’s when I would say things got serious.

Sound, they say, is the “language we use to communicate with the listener…a story and a feeling…so putting it into words seems redundant and unclear”.

Regarding the current state of electronic music, Abousabe says, “I guess 90% of the music currently released uses some kind of electronic synthesis mixed with real instruments or voice recorded with the microphone…so I guess the state would be in the majority.”

Bedouin has the next installation in his Saga series coming January 7 at Papaya Playa in Tulum.

“We are so excited for this year’s Tulum season after having such a great Saga season in Ibiza this summer at Pacha,” they say. “We’re also excited to be working to bring Saga worldwide in 2023…we’re currently locking down a few throughout the year…maybe one in Los Angeles as well.”

Looking ahead, there are a lot of things planned for the rest of the year.

“The rest of 2022 is filled with touring…but 2023 is set to be the best year for Bedouins yet,” they say. “We have an album coming out in the spring of 2023…singles will start dropping as early as January, so stay tuned for news very soon.”

Bedouin and the language of music: Visit Instagram for more information.

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