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Belinda Song dropped upgraded version ‘Worthy 4.4’, making it more electronic and engaging

Belinda’s Song is back with a revamped number, ‘Worthy 4.4’of his most cherished song, this song will offer soulful verses composed in his blissfully musical mannerism.

Samey Belinda Elkaim, widely known as Belinda’s Song, is one of the famous American singers and songwriters of this era. Apart from being one of the renowned poetic lyricists, she is also a lifestyle columnist. A literary playwright at the hottest event, ‘Who’s-who Miami’s’, producer. The novel ‘Seeking Mr. X’ by this talented young woman was adapted into a screenplay and was filmed, the premiere of which took place on October 27 during the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Its music catalog contains more than a hundred original numbers residing in the electronic pop genre. She is represented by BMI, a performing rights organization based in the United States since 1939. She arranges all of her musical instruments and types of equipment for all of her singles and albums. She is a dedicated performer, aiming to compose and produce music in the near future.

Belinda’s Song is very dedicated in every area she has set foot in. And this attitude of investment and inflexibility is found in each of them. She offers songs saturated with these uplifting motivational forces. By far, she has offered more than 100 original compositions. And the song “Worthy” is her most popular number released in 2021. And after that, she delivered two albums, which are “Worthy” and “Never Let Me Go”. She also delivered an extended track “Someone” with six tracks and multiple singles. Some of his exquisite performances are ‘Rock the World – Radio Edit’, ‘Mind Made Up – Remix’, ‘Someone – Remix’, ‘Mental Vacation / Diamond Ring – Remix’, ‘Don’t Think About it’, ‘Earth Angel Electronica’, ‘Liar Liar –Pants on Fire Remix’ and many more.

Being an extremely well crafted artist, she offered some captivating songs in her catalog. And the song ‘Worthy 4.4’ is an improved version of his most beloved song, “Worthy”. The song was just released on April 7, 2022, with record label Spinnup. She has added an adequate amount of sound experiences in this new version which makes it more enjoyable. Motivational lyricism is always present in each of his songs. And this song will empower its listeners even more. Music is a universal language and his music speaks this language with a fluid accent. The song’s quick intro piece ‘Worthy 4.4’ will carry the public to his melodious voice; his refined musicality will engage listeners with the lyricism that will easily grab the audience’s attention.

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