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Best Phoenix Shows This Week: Thundercat, The Aces, Gucci Mane


Thanksgiving week has many benefits – and not just the chance to binge on craziness. Thanks to the holidays that fall on a Thursday and most people who decide to take the Friday off, it’s basically a three-day work week.

Here’s another good news, there are plenty of concerts and other music events happening at venues around the Phoenix subway this week, especially on Wednesday nights (aka Thanksgiving Eve). There is a diverse selection of concerts to choose from, including performances from bass funk artist Thundercat, all-female indie-pop group The Aces, rapper Gucci Mane, punk legends The Casualties, and screamo / post-hardcore Silverstein.

Read on for more details on each of these concerts or check out Phoenix New Timesonline concert listings for more musical events. Keep in mind, however, that COVID-19 is a pervasive danger and that several local sites require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result to attend shows. You can find more information on the ticketing sites for each concert.

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The indie-pop group The Aces.

Red bull records

The Aces at the Crescent Ballroom

The first thing you need to know about all-female indie-pop group The Aces is that they tend to defy expectations. All four members are from Utah and were raised Mormons, but only half of the group’s members still consider themselves religious (two are also LGBTQ). And while many girl groups playing pop music prioritize style over substance, The Aces creates quality guitar tunes with tight harmonies and refined rock grooves. Making their debut on the All Ages Utah stage, the band was signed to Red Bull Records in 2016 and released a trio of EPs on the label, along with their two LPs. They are behind their 2020 album, Under my influence, and are scheduled to take the stage at the Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Avenue, on Monday, November 22. Pop singer-songwriter Madeline the Person is the show’s opening for ages 16 and over, which starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $ 20 to $ 70. Benjamin Cuirman

Click to enlarge Screamo / post-hardcore group Silverstein.  - WYATT CLOUGH

Screamo / post-hardcore group Silverstein.

Wyatt clough

Silverstein at the Marquee Theater

Screamo isn’t as popular as it used to be and most artists have abandoned it in recent years. But while many of their peers were busy reinventing themselves, Silverstein dubbed the genre. With more than two decades of their formation, the Ontario quintet is sounding higher and biting than ever on their latest release, which is as intensely scary and infectious as anything in their catalog. On tour for their 20th anniversary as a band and their 10th studio album A beautiful place to drown, Silverstein will bring his post-hardcore reflections to the Marquee Theater, 730 North Mill Avenue, on Tuesday, November 23. The Plot in You and Can’t Swim will open the concert at 7.15pm. Tickets are $ 25 to $ 55. Matthieu keever

Click to enlarge The bassist and singer known as Thundercat.  - LE1POINT8

The bassist and singer known as Thundercat.


Thundercat at Van Buren

Since his teens, Stephen Lee Bruner (better known as Thundercat) has made considerable musical contributions by playing bass in the thrash metal band Suicidal Tendencies, recording with Erykah Badu for some of his flagship works, creating the soundscapes of the magnum opus by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and Childish Gambino. For his own work, Thundercat fully kicks off a critically acclaimed R&B and jazz journey that not only showcases his masterful bass skills, but showcases his penchant for the eccentric (check out the clip from “Changes” proof). His last concert in Valley is on Tuesday November 23 at Van Buren, 401 West Van Buren Street, and is not only the occasion to see one of the most talented bassists in music, but also the opportunity to to be part of the creative aura of one of the most famous acts in music. Doors open at 7 p.m. and hip-hop artist Channel Tres opens. Tickets are $ 30 to $ 35. Mikel Galicia

The victims of the metro

Punk has had its share of deaths and awakenings. After Sid Vicious’s death in 1979, the genre was generally declared dead, which spawned a reckless group of street punk bands like The Exploited and GBH. When The Casualties formed in 1990, they did so for the express purpose of reviving that street punk sound, which they thought died around 1985. By donning both the look and feel of these groups with their high and colorful points and their fast and reactionary pace. An approach to songwriting, The Casualties has risen to prominence in the punk scene over the past 25 years. They split from their original singer Jorge Herrera in 2017 after being charged with multiple incidents of rape and sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl. The Krum Bums’ David Rodriguez replaced Herrera without missing a beat, and The Casualties is out Written in blood the next year. Their show on Tuesday, November 23 at The Underground, 105 West Main Street in Mesa, will have opening support from Piñata Protest, Skeleton Army, Ass Wipe Junkies and TV Tragedy. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $ 20 in advance, $ 22 at the door. David Fletcher

Click to enlarge Members of the alternative metal band Gemini Syndrome.  - CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS

Members of the alternative metal band Gemini Syndrome.

Century Media Records

Gemini Syndrome at Pub Rock Live

The five musicians of the Los Angeles-based group Gemini Syndrome create such an electrical reaction between them, it could be interpreted as the collision of too many primitive forces. However, it turns out that it works wonderfully in their music. As their live set kicks off, the first thing you notice is the brilliant string work of guitarists Miguel “Meegs” Rascón Nicholas Paul Arnold. Then come the punchy rhythms of Italian bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri. And the finishing touch is when lively dramatic beats arrive, compliments from drummer Brian Steele Medina and the melodic, resonant voice of singer Aaron Nordstrom (formerly of OTEP) that can cut through any crowd, be it 50 people. or 50,000. Gemini Syndrome is currently on tour in support of their recently released LP, 3rd Degree – The Raising, and will be performing at Pub Rock Live, 8005 East Roosevelt Street in Scottsdale on Tuesday, November 23. Oh the horror, Pushing Veronica and Sinshrift open the 7pm show. Tickets are $ 18 in advance, $ 22 at the door. Lauren Sage

Click to enlarge Workshop of local rock legends Dead Hot.  - UNOS FILES

Workshop of local rock legends Dead Hot.

Burden of proof records

Dead Hot Workshop at the Crescent Ballroom

Personal appearances from Dead Hot Workshop could rival Groundhog for rarity. Like this reclusive rodent, local legends are guaranteed a day when they come out of hibernation to cast their shadows on the local music scene. In a city that destroys everything before it becomes a tradition, Dead Hot Workshop has managed to host an annual Thanksgiving show for more than two decades. It’s a custom that, according to band drummer Curtis Grippe, “sort of happened. The event returns on Wednesday, November 24 at the Crescent Ballroom, 308 North Second Street, and will also feature sets from local bands Bella Donnas, Banana Gun and Ghetto Cowgirl. The concert is at 7 p.m. and tickets are $ 15. Dominica serene

Click to enlarge See Gucci Mane on tour this week.  - GUCCI MANE

See Gucci Mane on tour this week.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane at the Celebrity Theater

With its craggy, contagious flow and unmatched swagger, Gucci Mane helped launch the hard, cold and heavy trap style that simultaneously dominates mainstream and underground hip-hop today. In the span of over 70 mixtapes and albums – yes, you read that right – Mr. Mane has documented arguably the most singular journey in rap history, a gamble that spans the murderous Atlanta rivalries to the prison and finally to liberation and redemption, including rediscovered morals. outlook and loss of addictions and about 50 pounds. There are no lies in the rapper’s music, only tragic philosophies, hilarious bluster and an endless sea of ​​gold and diamonds. He is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, November 24 at the Celebrity Theater, 440 North 32nd Street. Richie Evans and General Zoe open the show, which starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $ 65 to $ 225. Jonathan patrick

DJ Tennis at Chantico

Hailing from Italy, DJ Tennis (born Manfredi Romano) can easily put you into a dancing frenzy via slapping basslines or kiss you in a stun of atmospheric melodies, but he’s more rewarding when he walks through sound waves. Romano’s label Life and Death, which celebrated its 11th birthday this year, has hosted many parties in Miami. Some say it’s techno, others say house; some might even suggest a nightclub. In reality, however, DJ Tennis is playing in the mind of a wild stallion too strange to be tamed – and his genre-mixing sets prove it. A good DJ makes us happy, but a great DJ makes us guess. He will be heading to the Valley on Wednesday, November 24 for a Thanksgiving concert at Chantico, 1051 East Camelback Road. The residents of Cassian and Elwer will warm up the crowds at the party, which begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $ 30. Miami’s new times

Click to enlarge Listen to the Superstition Jazz Orchestra at the Nash.  - BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN

Listen to the Superstition Jazz Orchestra at the Nash.

Benjamin Cuirman

Superstition Jazz Orchestra at the Nash

Already annoyed by all the Christmas music being played among you? Try spending some time at The Nash, 110 East Roosevelt Street, where Wednesday, November 24th offers include a mix of big band sounds from composers from Thad Jones to Carol King. The Superstition Jazz Orchestra presents a concert that day at 7:30 p.m., giving it a title with a twist on a classic phrase you typically hear at weddings. Instead of something blue, you’ll hear the blues. The orchestra expects to play original compositions as well as classics. Tickets cost $ 21 and you don’t have to be a jazz enthusiast to feel the beat. Lynn trimble