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Biomassive dives into a deeper level of electronic prog-rock

The Traverse City band that lit up Cowpie Music Fest on Friday also debuted new music for Local Spins on WYCE, which streamed new tracks from Act Casual, The Accidentals, Adrian Jay and more.

New album on the way: Traverse City’s Biomassive (Photo courtesy)


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In their element from the start, Traverse City’s Biomassive lit up the main stage at Friday night’s Cowpie Music Festival near Caledonia with jam-fueled electronic rock glory – the perfect backdrop for the band’s danceable psychedelic grooves.

For some ardent fans, it was clearly a spellbinding, even addictive experience.

“We cut our teeth at music festivals and that’s kind of where we got our start,” said keyboardist and synthesizer Connor Lindsay. “That’s what we want to do.”

Cowpie Jams: Biomassive accelerating American bandstand scene. (Photo/local tours)

Biomassive is also about blending funk and rock into a pulsating and hypnotic electronic panoply, something the band aim to replicate for their third full-length album, now in its final production stage.

“We’re really composing in our sound,” Lindsay insisted. “This album is definitely more polarized on an even deeper level of electronic and heavy progressive rock. We’ve really refined our vision and I feel like this album has made us think even more about the sound we want to represent.

Formed in Traverse City around 10 years ago, the six-piece band includes Lindsay, keyboardist Ben Wyler, guitarist Kalvin Cronn, bassist Trevor Pinney, percussionist Shandon Williams and drummer Troy Novak, with Wes Roberge as lead vocals. group’s sound and lighting engineer.

The “bedroom project” quickly turned into a real live show, something Lindsay describes as “a rock show steeped in technicolor synth”.

VIDEO: Biomassive at the Cowpie Music Festival (05/08/22)


“We like to think of it as a conceptual band, using our mix of live and electronic instruments and elements to showcase the duality of man and machine,” he said. “We all want to bring guitars to the rave and synthesizers to rock gigs.”

Biomassive plays Encore 201 in Traverse City on August 27, Big Fam Music and Arts Festival in Farwell on September 3, and Billy’s Lounge in Grand Rapids on September 9.

‘Technicolor Synth-Drenched Rock’: Biomassive revels in live performances. (Courtesy picture)

Lindsay credits the area’s strong music scene — with “so many great venues and so many great musicians from Northern Michigan” — for the band’s success.

After producing full albums in 2019 and 2020, Biomassive released a five-song EP “Monolith” in 2021 and is currently putting the finishing touches on their “Digital Deity” album.

An official release date has not been set, but the band is planning an extensive Midwest and East Coast tour next spring to promote the new album.

“There’s magic on this one, so I’m thrilled to share it,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay shared some of that magic for this week’s edition of Local Spins on WYCE, dropping the title track from the show’s new album that spotlights local and regional music at 11 a.m. Fridays on WYCE ( 88.1 FM) and online at wyce.org.

Listen to the full interview and radio show podcast here, including new music from Act Casual, Kaitlin Rose, The Accidentals with the Kaboom Collective Studio Orchestra, Strange Heart, The Aquaerials, Desmond Jones and Adrian Jayas well as pieces of Nashon Holloway Band and bonehawk (this week’s choice of musician by Lindsay).

PODCAST: Local tours on WYCE (05/08/22)

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