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Booming EDM artist LUSSO takes over the music scene


To date, LUSSO’s compositions have received over a million hits on Spotify, making him a leading musical sensation on social media.

Thanks to the advent of social media platforms, artists of different musical genres can now find their audience without depending on a label. Social media has billions of users, making it the perfect platform for artists to show their talent to the world. Rising EDM artist LUSSO is one such example and has taken the music industry by storm with electrifying clubbing acts.

Michael Vitarelli is popularly known as LUSSO in the clubbing scene. He is an entrepreneur who makes a living day and night, produces hard-hitting clubbing acts under the name LUSSO. He has always been passionate about music, especially electronic music. Initially, his interest in music was limited as a listener, but Manhattan’s clubbing scene changed his entire outlook on life. He was motivated to get people moving towards his music and decided to become a DJ.

He entered the music industry as LUSSO four years ago and since then has been on a roll, releasing one shot after another. Electronic dance music is his strong suit as he loves beats and fast rhythms. His compositions usually have a strong bass line combined with flamboyant lyrics and rhythmic sound. It creates perfect pieces for clubs and records. His music can make anyone stomp their foot. LUSSO is a master of classic tech-house drum sequences, which is relevant in almost every one of his compositions.

Today, LUSSO is a popular name in house music and the Manhattan club scene. The DJ-producer has managed to carve out a place for himself in the music industry by crossing a series of milestones. His EP in the rough on Brooklyn Fire Records by Tommie Sunshine topped Beatport’s Top 100 Tech-House Releases. LUSSO’s single “Trippin ‘” from the same record had 250,000 streams on Spotify and was ranked in the Editorial Playlists Operator and Cratediggers lists.

LUSSO’s “Rude Boy” on Tough Love’s Get Twisted Records reached # 25 on the Beatport Genre Chart. The track has been enjoyed by major DJs like Calvin Harris, Mark Knight, Bob Sinclair, Kryder and SIDEPIECE. He also became number 7 on the label’s Top 10 tracks on Beatport.

To date, LUSSO’s compositions have received over a million hits on Spotify, making him a leading musical sensation on social media. His remix “Dakiti” was featured on the XM BPM virus. For LUSSO, this is just the start of his journey. He believes his craft has started to receive well-deserved recognition from the public.

At the start, the road to success was not easy for LUSSO. Despite his confidence in his talent and producing quality music, ears were missing. LUSSO had to struggle a lot to win his audience. The only thing that sustained him was his passion and persistence. LUSSO continued to create music, clinging to his passion, even though there was little to no encouragement. Gradually, his music began to reach an audience, which eventually helped him achieve the position he occupies today.

In the future, LUSSO wants to perfect its art and get off the more electrifying EDM tracks. For that, he is ready to spend hours or even days in the studio. He also wants to personally captivate his audience in clubs and perform with renowned DJs in popular clubs around the world.


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