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BTS, Coldplay sing together to share comfort and consolation: The DONG-A ILBO


“Even this trial is now only temporary / You will still shine like now.” “My Universe” released on Friday by world-famous British band Coldplay has some Korean lines in its lyrics. Known as a joint project between BTS and Coldplay, it has raised expectations among their fans. It presents itself as a single, seamless scene with a Korean rap part led by BTS and the English lyrics of Coldplay singer Chris Martin intertwined.

“My Universe” is an animated, medium tempo electronic dance song lasting 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Joining in the writing and songwriting of this song, the members of BTS deliver words of comfort and consolation as they sing in Korean, “Every night, [I] fly towards you forgetting that it is only a dream. I find you with a smile ”and“ A star embroidered with love that illuminates me. You in my universe. You make me a different world.

At 1 p.m. on Friday, Coldplay made the song public on major music streaming services around the world while also releasing a music video with handwritten lyrics in English and Korean by the two global pop icons visually mixed with special graphic images. Despite being an unofficial clip, it went viral on YouTube within two hours of its release to garner over three million views.

Coldplay plans to release an official music video for “My Universe” this month according to Warner Music. Director and photographer Dave Meyers worked with Coldplay on this song again after directing the band’s music video for “Higher Power,” a one-time album released in May. He caught the public’s attention by joining the South Korean dance group “Ambiguous Dance Company”.

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