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Are you a student who loves good tunes while studying? There have been quite a few studies on the impact of music during studies; however, some say the music can be quite distracting.

Some researchers believe that listening to music while studying can be a distraction with certain limitations. According to Dr. Timothy Bryon, from University of Wollongong Australia stated that listening to music with voices is more likely to decrease our working memory. (Bryon 2019). This is the result of a decrease in reading and comprehension. Listening to music with voices can make you forget to focus on what you are studying. An Austrian researcher, Bill Thompson, with the help of others, set up an experiment. The experiment has determined the two factors that music has on people and they are mood and distraction. The study determined that those who listened to music loudly and quickly had a decrease in their performance.

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On the other hand, the benefits of studying while listening to music that researchers at Florida National University (2019) found are that music can not only activate the left and right sides of the brain, but it can also activate the left and right sides of the brain. done at the same time and that. helps improve memory. Another advantage would be the ease of stress. With the mid-sessions approaching, many of us are stressed out. Music is a great tool to use under pressure. Researchers say music can help reduce heart rate, anxiety, and even blood pressure. Then it can help improve your performance. With high pressure you get great results. Music is a great way to control those intense moments.

According to a study by Vaughn College in 2019, certain musical genres are expected to be played during certain study sessions. For example, classical music helps jump-start your brain performance while studying math. While reading and writing, speechless music would work better. For those studies of deep concentration, use electronic music.

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Music can help you by creating a playlist. Just like when you have a long drive to school and fire up your car playlist, create one for your studies. This allows you to stay focused and not hit the skip button every two songs. List to amount to less than an hour to allow for a break. Make sure to keep the volume at a low level.

With the midterms approaching, make sure you take the time to build your reading list, study, and pass those exams!

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