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Cat Burns teams up with Shermanology for an epic remix of his queer anthem

Photography by Adama Jalloh

Cat Burns has collaborated with Dutch electronic duo Shermanology for a new rendition of their hit Free.

Since making his music debut in 2018, Burns has captivated audiences around the world with his spectacular vocals and immersive songwriting about the LGBTQ+ experience.

Along with his growing devoted fanbase on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Burns has proven that his upward trajectory has only just begun.

In December, the young talent opened up about the complexities of coming out to her family in the heartfelt track Free.

Within months of its debut, the song reached viral status on TikTok and was hailed as a new LGBTQ+ anthem.

Now, the UK-based artist has released a new version of the record with an electronic twist.

Free (Shermanology Remix), produced by the titular duo, takes Aston Rudi’s original production and mixes it with soulful tech-house sound.

The remix comes weeks after Burns opened up to GAY TIMES about the importance of breaking “hard stereotypes” about LGBTQ+ artists and the black community.

“I’m a 22-year-old queer black woman and I talk openly about all of these things. There is a message that is portrayed about black women that we are all in a particular way,” she explained.

“That we’re really brash, aggressive, so I come in and talk about really vulnerable things. If you are a black woman, I want you to feel heard and seen.

“We are vulnerable people capable of having a lot of emotions. And, being a queer black woman adds a layer to that. Cat’s music is definitely hers.

Elsewhere in the interview, Burns also talked about his latest EP, Emotionally Unavailable, and releasing vulnerable tracks like Free.

“Knowing the love people have for that transparency and songs like Free, which is a close-to-home story about a friend, is a really nice feeling because people feel like they grew up with you and your story.”

Listen to Cat Burns’ latest track, Free (Shermanology Remix) here or below.