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CESQEAUX breaks expectations with the EP “Human Error”


CESQEAUX is a Dutch producer, performer, songwriter and DJ. An imposing figure in and beyond the electronic music scene, CESQEAUX is recognized for its unique and refreshing sound in the music spectrum. From creating multi-platinum hits with David Guetta and Justin Bieber to releases on Musical Freedom, Barong Family, Bitbird and major rock festivals, CESQEAUX has been a staple in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade.

Now making headlines for his next musical adventure, the Dutch DJ has shared his brand new extended game. The EP HUMAN ERROR is a true testimony of its mastery and its diversity. The project covers the whole gamut of electronic music with tracks ranging from trap and club to midtempo, dubstep, experimental bass, etc. Born from his feeling of becoming a musical robot disconnected from himself, aggravated by the digitization of art and the proliferation of social media, CESQEAUX channels these feelings into an evocative sound journey.

“’HUMAN ERROR’ is my first project of this magnitude. This is the first CESQEAUX project in which I fully support musical design and expressions. The story behind the album is that I think my (genre) of music, despite the niche, is a product of great importance and influence. Not just because I think so, but because I’ve seen how music develops and how you can’t be a good artist if you can’t be a good “fan” of something else. – CESQEAUX

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