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Cosmic Gate releases new artist album ‘MOSAIIK’


Cosmic Gate (aka Nic Chagall and Bossi) is excited to release the first step of their highly anticipated new artist album. Towed throughout 2021 with unique pioneering releases and breathtaking live broadcasts, “MOSAIIK” will feature nine sensational cuts from the GRAMMY-nominated duo.

Reflecting the same delivery system adopted by their 2017 ‘Materia‘albums, seasoned CG fans will already be familiar with’MOSAIKdynamic liberation. Shared on two ‘Chapters‘,’MOSAIK‘s’IIis a direct nod to the group’s eleventh long-player artist.

When we presented all of MOSAIIK’s ideas, drafts and demos for new avenues, it almost overwhelmed us. said Nicolas.

“It played a part in the decision to split the album in two.” There was such a length of time that Bossi and I both felt there was almost a danger of ‘too much, too soon’. So, in the end, the two chapters of ‘MOSAIIK’ will click together to present this larger vision of our music.

Blame‘- the album’s opening single, which stars the singer / songwriter Diana Miró, was perhaps the biggest surprise of the year for Cosmic gate Fans. Deeper and more progressive than CG before, it became their fastest growing single to hit a million Spotify streams. From that point on, follow-up with Diane has become a certainty, and ‘Nothing to hide‘- just released and featured on the album – is performing even louder.

Now, all of this is not to suggest that ‘MOSAIK‘does not contain any Cosmic gate soil destroyers during rush hour. “It’s all about proportion though“, said Bossi. “They are part of a vision that is expanding and will only become so”. The singles ‘Your Mind’ and ‘Feel It’ bear witness to this, and carry on Bossi), “when testing tracks from the album at some recent concerts, ‘Vertigo’ – with its dark, techno vibe, elicited incredible reactions from the crowd.

For each of them, there are two or three that speak to other stylistic areas. “Mike Schmid, who we worked with on the ‘Start To Feel’ album in 2014, came back at the start of the year with something that really surprised us. He’s known for styles outside of electronic music, but what he brought to “Summer Wonder” gave us “Falling Back” type vibes.”.

Available now in all digital formats, ‘MOSAIIK Chapter One‘is ready to stream / buy from today (with a CD edition to follow with’ Chapter 2 ‘). The full trail list and tour details follow below…

Listen to the songs below.

Cosmic Gate Tour Dates
August 20 – Sound-Bar – Chicago, IL
August 21 – Boat Cruise – Boston, MA
August 29 – Creamfields Festival – Warrington, United Kingdom
Sep 03 – Electric Zoo 2021 – New York, NY
Sep 24 – Goldrush – Chandler, AZ
Sep 09 – Untold Festival 2021 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
08 Oct – A State Of Trance 1000 Moscow 2021 – Moskva, Russia
October 23 – HEC – Vancouver, BC
October 24 – EDC – Las Vegas, NV
November 12 – EDC – Orlando, Florida


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