Electronic music

Craze and Palmer Reed release drum and bass gem on his Slow Roast Records label via ‘Stuck On You’

Two dudes both on unique walks in their musical lives tie their styles together via a one-off “Stuck On You” release. One of the best things about the tune is how it mixes elements of relaxation with a fair sense of energy at the same time. The production keeps things steady, providing a stylish hypnotic look that the brain is consumed by. This allows the voice work to dig deep and have an impact. The melody is easy to loop, revealing more with each listen given to it.

Craze has been in the game for decades. Some of his accomplishments and credits include winning the “DMC World Championships” DJ contest 3x, touring with none other than Kanye West, releasing on labels like Fool’s Gold, and much more. The man is a well-known face in electronic music and beyond, his dynamic tastes and personality breaking down boundaries and reaching a wider audience.

Part lyricist, part musician, part songwriter and all about music, Palmer Reed has a ton to offer and is happy to share it with the world. Coming out of Orlando, his background in instruments and his passion for a variety of genres became the platform that led to his success as a professional musician.

He’s played “Star Spangled Banner” and “O Canada” at Orlando Magic NBA Playoff games, he’s performed on Good Morning America, as well as On Air with Ryan Seacrest – that’s just the start of the momentum that this guy was able to create for himself.

There is so much experience and history behind what “Stuck On You” is. We can hope that this will not be the last collaboration between these two.