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Crowd favorites (Jai Wolf, Madeon)


As Second Sky progressed into the evening, the festival heavyweights caught the attention of almost everyone on the grounds of the Oakland Arena.

Electronic music producer and DJ Jai Wolf took the now massive crowd on an EDM-centric journey, serving up big synth-pop hooks with stage-friendly beats galore. Wolf’s ensemble largely consisted of his popular remixes, including ODESZA’s “Say My Name”, Keshi’s “Blue” and Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” mixed with originals such as “Moon Rider” and others from his debut in 2019. The cure for loneliness. During his remix of Petit Biscuit’s “Drivin Thru the Night”, the DJ started pumping audiences until all the festival-goers jumped in unison, seemingly at the mercy of his MIDI controller.

To close his set, Wolf invited singer M. Gabriel for live performances of “Starlight” and “Lose My Mind”. The latter experienced a series of false starts but functioned as a useful sendoff, although misadventures prevented Wolf from toping things off with his hit “Indian Summer” (which he was able to perform in all its glory on day two) . ) due to time constraints.

Next to take the stage was Madeon, whose Good Faith Forever live performance featured one of the most impressive visual productions of the night. Dressed like Michael Jackson, decked out in silver gloves and shimmering pants, the French prodigy and longtime friend of Porter Robinson stood between two stands for his gear – a figure at the center of the incredible light show. From the punchy dance number “Mania” to the exhilarating hymn “Be Fine”, the visuals accompanying Madeon’s set have gone from a shiny and futuristic aspect to an evocation of Gothic atmospheres. Her two opening tracks, the most popular “All My Friends” and “Pay No Mind”, were the most well received, turning the festival vibe into an evening of electro-pop dance in its own right.

“A year ago, I never thought I would play again,” admitted the DJ at sunset towards the end of his set. After a particularly touching performance of “Miracle,” Madeon took the home run by giving fans a solo rendition of “Shelter,” and it was clear he was genuinely moved by the proceedings. “I missed it so much.”

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