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Cymbol releases latest production, “Hanging On”, just in time for festival tours


Hailing from New Zealand, enigmatic producer Cymbol quickly rose to prominence in the dance music industry, specializing in the melodic and rhythmic dance music that has carved his name on local airwaves. With huge beats and huge aspirations in mind with its new release, you can expect Cymbol’s latest production, “Hanging On,” to take you on a journey and transport you to a world of your own. With previous hits like “Miss These Days”, “Best Friends”, “Slipping” and “Roll It Up” rounding out her discography of awesome hits, it’s clear that rising talent Cymbol is here to send shockwaves through. scene.

Right off the bat, “Hanging On” makes production easier for us as atmospheric piano elements surrounded by eloquent strings envelop the speaker and take the lead, guiding the listener through this version’s introduction. Janayah delivers a magnificent and euphoric taste of talent as her lyrics soon kick in, backed up by the powerful and energetic punches of percussion and rhythm that fill the speakers to spark a sense of incoming drama. The music quickly rises to an energy filled with unparalleled ferocity that offers a tsunami of percussion and a wealth of synths that make you want to let off steam on the dancefloor. Each element is painstakingly placed and designed to make your hair stand on end, as the powerful influences of Cymbol seeping through the cracks in the production give you a reason to get up and dance.

A passion for the art of music production is what sets Cymbol apart from the rest, as his latest offering complements a discography of incredible work he has produced over the course of his career. With accumulated studio hours under his belt, he’s paired his successful delivery and consistency with a masterful ear and a prolific, yet meticulous work ethic. “Hanging On” is due out on 7/30/2021, so expect release day to approach.

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