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Dancing astronaut artists to watch in 2022: Surf Mesa


By popular demand, the Dancing Astronaut’s Must Watch Advent Calendar is back. Each day we will discover a sweet selection, highlighting next year’s class of up-and-coming talents and rising stars, one by one. As of December 1, we have 25 of electronic music‘s hottest future directors, sweetening the holiday season with a well-rounded crop of radar-worthy producers to watch next year. Check out this space for daily updates throughout the month. From creators of unique underground waves to future big festivals, ranging from bass music to techno with so much in between, we are proud to continue the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch Advent calendar for a second year in a row – enjoy it.

Dancing astronaut artists to watch in 2022: Surf MesaSurf Mesa Solo Elizabeth Miranda 3

By Farrell Sweeney

Powell Aguirre is the Next Generation of Dance Music, a case study of what is possible when someone grows up with access to software and production equipment from a young age. The son of a professional saxophonist, the 21-year-old got a copy of FL Studio in his third grade and learned to produce music on his own after watching YouTube tutorials. In high school, he launched his artist project Surf Mesa and began to release music.

In 2019, he released the song that would change his career trajectory, his second all-time release, “ily (i love you baby)»With Emilee. Content creators TikTok loved the song, making it spread like wildfire, and the rest was history.

“ily (I love you baby)” has racked up over 2 billion streams and has been featured in over 4 billion TikTok videos. Some may see the rest of their careers as an uphill battle after starting at such a high level, but Aguirre embraced that momentum and has since capitalized on it. The DJ / producer signed with Astralwerks, who re-released the 2019 version of the song, landing it on TikTok.

Although 2020 was the year that the Surf Mesa d’Aguirre project exploded onto the scene, 2021 was the year that Aguirre proved the project worth holding onto and who is there for. stay, by forging collaborations with Madison Beer and Bipolar Sunshine, among others.

Given the closures related to COVID-19, last year was Aguirre’s first real opportunity to build on its initial momentum by starting to build its brand as a touring actor. He opened for The Chainsmokers over Halloween weekend and performed his first EDC Las Vegas earlier this fall. Aguirre is poised to build both his artistic project and his touring presence next year to become a major player in the world of electronic dance music from 2022 and beyond.

Dancing astronaut artists to watch in 2022: Surf MesaLp Giobbi Tania Hauyon Photo
Featured Image: Tania Hauyon Photo

Sami Weisband lyrics

Between Grateful Dead t-shirts, a wardrobe full of tie-dye, and a smile so influential that those who witness it can’t help but put on a smile of equal proportions, LP Giobbi brings something more than ‘simple raw talent on the decks. Three years after her first official release on major streaming services in 2018, Giobbi is not only on tour internationally, but also as the North American Music Coordinator of W Hotels, co-founding her label Animal Talk alongside Sofi. Tukker and establishing WOMEN’S HOUSE, a musical collective that defends fairness in the dance industry.

More than half of LP Giobbi’s catalog came out this year alone, a period in which she also appeared at a handful of the biggest events and festivals and even placed Femme House Radio on Sirius XM’s Diplo’s Revolution. While her entrepreneurial spirit and classical genius meet electronics (Giobbi is classically trained as a jazz pianist and uses live instruments at each of his shows) make her stand out, it is ultimately her palpable positive energy. and his ability to connect with his listeners that soars Giobbi among the stars.

Dancing Astronaut Performers To Watch In 2022: Surf Mesa97549656 10157572997072104 7611945928538193920 N Elsewhere Night Club
Featured Image: elsewhere

By Cameron DeFaria

Sheffield producer Dave Bissett, known professionally as Cloonee, has been central to the mainstream tech-house invasion of recent years. After making his career debut on Elrow Records with Estes EP in 2017, Bissett did have access to the unwavering support of British veteran Chris Lake. In 2020, Cloonee cemented her first outing on Lake’s signature imprint, Black Book Records, by sending out “What Ya Want” weeks before COVID-19’s global in-person performance eradication.

Unwittingly sidelined by the pandemic, Cloonee took refuge in the studio where he spent months putting together an arsenal of tech-house hymns. In 2021 alone, Cloonee has sold out alongside her illustrious mentor at Petco Park, The Brooklyn Mirage and The Shrine in Los Angeles. Also within the past year, the emerging DJ has toured as a solo headliner, performed at reputable festivals like CRSSD’s DAY.MVS and Outside Lands in San Francisco, and raised north of $ 40 million. streams of listeners in more than 170 countries. In view of these distinctions, we would be remiss not to include Cloonee among the Dancing astronaut Artists to follow in 2022.

Dancing astronaut artists to watch in 2022: Surf Mesa246928117 400556321521598 3460263775666115796 N
Featured Image: STAR SEED / Instagram

Zach Salafia lyrics

Few artists have burst onto the scene in 2021 like the Cincinnati-based duo STAR SEED. The group was formed in 2020 by creative minds Drew Marcum and Noah Koroman, who also operate independently under the aliases Drewerybear and 2SCOOPS. But don’t confuse STAR SEED with a side project. It only takes one song to understand that this project is special.

We first took note in late 2020 when STAR SEED debuted on Ophelia Records with the label’s lead single Advent Volume 2 compilation. This single, “Heaven” with Meggie York, was the first sign of what was to come in a 2021 banner for the duo. Their first EP, Interior space, was released via Ophelia Records in June and featured the single “Ultraviolet” with Tsu Nami, along with seven other dazzling tracks that showed off their production chops. They then paired their impressive debut EP with a spot on Ophelia’s Odyssey mix the series.

In total, STAR SEED released 22 originals in 2021, including stars like “Chasing Stars”, “Voice From The Sky”, “Rain”, “Reason” and of course, the aforementioned eight tracks. Interior space EP. Their fiery exit was accompanied by performances in support of Yultron at Insomniac’s Park ‘N Rave show in March, a slot for the first episode of Lost In Dreams in Las Vegas, and several shows in support of Virtual Riot on his current project. Simulation to visit. This begs the question “what has this edition not been accompanied by?” And the answer is simple: any sign of STAR SEED slowing down. They have already announced that they have completed their second EP which, depending on the release date, will ensure a good end to an already incredible 2021 or a good start to what will certainly be an even bigger 2022.

Dancing astronaut artists to watch in 2022: Surf MesaDylan Matthew
Featured Image: Nate Vogel

By Rachel Narozniak

Yes Dancing astronautDylan Matthew’s declaration as our first artist to watch (ATW) in 2022 got you doing a double take, and then we were successful in our intention to get you thinking about Matthew’s multifaceted identity as an artist. In recent years, Matthew has lent his singer / songwriting skills to a series of high-profile dance / electronic collaborations such as “Love Is Gone” with SLANDER, which currently has over 1.1 billion streams. That his presence in the dance / electronics industry has been nothing short of prolific normally goes without saying, but in the context of this argument for his ATW status in 2022, it matters a lot.

Put simply, in this genre Dylan Matthew is not an artist to watch, he is an artist that almost everyone has. look at. And this is precisely why Dancing astronautOur inaugural Supernova’s classification as ATW in 2022 has nothing to do with her collaborative work in the dance / electronic space and everything to do with her development as a solo actor in and across genres like electro. -pop over the coming year.

2021 saw the sides of Matthew’s solo art through “One Sided Love” and “Summer 16,” both of which premiered on Dancing astronaut. Just like his EP 2020 Kalopsia, both singles offered his dance / electronics listeners a well-tuned look at his creative abilities outside of this genre, highlighting him as an artist with a dimension and, most importantly, an artist with talents that extend well. beyond the parameters of modern dance music.

2022 is set to be a sort of sonic metamorphosis for Matthew, who will spread his wings as a solo artist to an unprecedented degree in the current context of his career:

“I said 2021 would be a huge year for my solo releases, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. Between trying to pick the right songs and finding the right solution with a label and many other things in life, I’ve only released two originals this year. On a positive note though, I have several songs lined up for the start of 2022 that are some of my absolute favorites, and I can only imagine how many more I will be able to release next year. I have completed many songs in my arsenal and ready to release, and I couldn’t be more excited. I will also be playing a lot more gigs next year and highlighting my live project ‘Dylan Matthew’, which I’m absolutely excited to show to the world.

To date, Matthew’s solo work has been within a largely pop and electro-pop framework, but his penchant for “acoustic-style ballads” [and] R&B music can be expected to add diversity to its individual catalog in 2022, a year in which streamers will hear another side of the Dylan Matthew that the dance music industry has so ardently embraced.

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