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DASH30 Debuts At TSIS With Compelling Electronic Smash “Trial”

We’re always happy to launch new artists on the site, and today we have one whose catalog of songs was practically begging to be discovered. DASH30, aka Brody Helmer, uniquely combines an array of different musical influences to consistently produce luscious electronics. His latest single, “Try», could well begin your love for this young artist.

“Try” is a funky sample-filled bop. Beginning with an anticipated build guided by lush pads and filtered vocals, the producer keeps the listener on the edge of their seat, as the track catapults into a funky bass breakdown before its first glorious downfall. Magical analog blips and vocal chops scatter the track, giving the song a vintage feel to balance its modern synth leads and overdriven drums. Each new sound introduces so pleasantly to the ear, “Try” is a sublime showcase of DASH30’s production mastery. We are not ashamed to admit that we were face to face until the last second.

Here’s what DASH30 had to say about the inspiration behind “Try”:

“Try” was actually almost entirely written during a 2 hour production challenge session held on a Discord server I own called “The Compound”. I felt like I was putting everything on the table; a “give me 2 hours and I’ll show you what I can do” mindset. This mindset led me to interpret the sample tracks as saying “I give you all my moves to try”, so I reopened the project, recorded those vocals, and finished the song.

You can listen to “Try” at the link below, anywhere via Montaime. Enjoy!

DASH30 – Try