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David Draiman says next album is “Old School Disturbed”


All artists tend to evolve throughout their careers, and some even stray quite a bit from what they originally looked like when they started out. David Draiman teased Disturbed’s upcoming album, saying it sounded like “old school Disturbed”.

“Well, it’s scary, that’s for sure. It’s aggressive, it’s rhythmic, it’s anthemic – it’s old school Disturbed,” the singer told the Loudwire Nights host. , Toni Gonzalez. “If I had to aim it, it’s somewhere in between Disease and Ten thousand fists. It’s in that realm, and it was really, really nice to go back there. We’re just digging up the shit right now. “

Although the frontman added that certain themes appear throughout the record, it is too early for them to determine whether or not they consider it a concept album because “nothing has been finalized in terms of the lyrics yet” .

Additionally, Draiman has stated that he would eventually like to recruit outside artists to collaborate with them, as this is something Disturbed has never done before.

As for the release schedule, the singer hopes the album will be released in the fall of 2022.

“We’re going to hopefully start tracking right after New Years, and feel what it’s like, it’s not going to take long,” he enthused.

The record will serve as Disturbed’s 8th studio release and follow-up to 2018 Evolution. Until then, you can hear Draiman lend his voice to Nita Strauss’ latest single, “Dead Inside”.

To hear the full discussion, including Draiman’s take on the recent Astroworld tragedies and whether or not it is possible to keep everyone safe during the live events, tune in to Loudwire Nights tonight at 7 p.m. ET.

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