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David Guetta and Smiley team up for “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” music video

David Guetta teams up with Smiley for the music video “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)”

As part of its mission to rework more classic hits and bring them into the modern stratosphere, David Guetta unveiled their revamp of the 2000s classic’Silver screen (shower scene)‘. Originally by Felix Da The Domestic Cat and Kittine, it shed new light on the 2001 release and sent waves of nostalgia back into the hearts of fans of the original. Now David Guetta unveils the official music video for the redesign, in a special collaboration with Smileys.

A leading lifestyle brand, Smiley – which was founded in 1972 – has been at the forefront of many musical and cultural movements and owns the rights to the smiley in over 100 countries. With an instantly recognizable logo, the brand has become an iconic symbol and now sees its 50th anniversary celebrated with this fun clip for such massive success.

The clip created by David Guetta and Smiley for “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” tells a story around the world. In cities like New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London and many more, the Smiley slogan “Take the time to smile!” of their new campaign is pasted throughout the video on posters, while quirky characters are seen with exaggerated smiles as the message spreads. Demonstrating that Smiley’s ethos is recognized around the world, the video also highlights the brand’s key role in the early days of electronic dance and the rave scene – certainly fitting to highlight this in a music video for a revamp. of such an iconic rave track from the early 2000s. Cameos in the music video include the Franco-Swedish graffiti artist maestro Andre Saraiva (who also created the street art manifesto campaign for Smiley), popular Instagram personality Sethor more commonly called mecavecsignand even David Guetta himself who turns out to be one of the main parts of the whole video.

Overall, this is a standout video that embodies an important message, while also being fast-paced and a treat to watch, now below.

Image credit: Dan Reid