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Deadmau5’s We Are Friends Tour Exceeded Expectations in Buffalo

Photo credit: Léa Sems

Buffalo went crazy for deadmau5 and fellow mau5trap BlackGummy, Kasablanca and NERO on the We Are Friends Tour!

The sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant and music lovers, young and old, were gathered at the Buffalo Outer Harbor on lake erie for a refreshing musical evening hosted by mau5trap. The programming for this We are friends the tour stop was quite impressive, with beloved artists BlackGummy, Kasablanca, NEROand the mau5trap king himself, deadmau5.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen deadmau5 in action, last time in Atlanta at the Dome where he took his Pilot test alias for a ride. And since I’m hopelessly devoted to his unique sound and style, I knew this event was not to be missed. Going in I had high expectations, but realized that outdoor events can often be a little tricky, especially when it comes to the logistics behind security, vendors, sound, etc.

From the moment I walked into the venue and was greeted by smiling security, I had a feeling deep in my soul that I was not going to be disappointed. After a much appreciated and heartwarming weapons check, I made my way through a mini-tunnel to Lakeside Lawn, where the musical magic began.

Kasablanca @ deadmau5 We Are Friends Tour (Buffalo Outer Harbor)
Casablanca || Photo credit: CP ABBOTT

Lake Erie shimmered under soft blue skies and altocumulus clouds, and for a brief moment I had visions of The Gorge in Washington.

The setting reminded me of my time at ABGT250, where just beyond the stage is a magnificent view of nature in all its glory. Birds soaring high and sweet organic scents added to the ambience like BlackGummy set a big, tech-powered, progressive tone that will remain the theme for quite a bit of the night. Kasablanca went a step further and proved that DJing is a real art form with a multi-faceted live performance.

Once a third of NERO took over, the atmosphere slipped sideways into bass territory. Given that I’m pretty deep into the house and techno scene, I’m not usually one to headbang, but my head definitely banged during this set. I even found out how much fun it is to stick a bass face and rage! To my delight, NERO even weaved in a jaw-dropping drum and bass tune as Dimensions remix of ‘Timewarp’ sub-focus sounded through the speakers.

While NERO certainly brought out the animal in me, it was deadmau5 that left me puddled on the grassy dance floor. Of “Escape” at “Average,” “Channel 43” at “when summer dies,” “X Y Z” at “take me high“, and everything else, deadmau5 served up a clinic! I can honestly say this was my favorite set of him that ever graced my ears.

NERO @ daedmua: We Are Friends Tour
NERO || Photo credit: CP ABBOTT

Easy access to amenities added extra pep to my step.

As soon as you enter the lawn by the lake, attendees could stop by the ticket tent for drinks and food. Each ticket was $1, and depending on your order, the cost was about nine tickets for a beer and about ten tickets for food. While the GA bar was close to the ticket tent, the food trucks were on the left side of the venue. There were options ranging from Mexican to Caribbean, and of course, American favorites like the delicious cheeseburger that I practically inhaled.

Another welcome addition to the venue was the lounge chair section that everyone could enjoy. It was ideal for families with young children (yes, it was an event for all ages) and for dance freaks who needed to give their feet a break. On the right side of the stage were the VIP relaxation tent, the VIP bar, as well as the ADA viewing section. And with a VIP ticket, you also have access to the best spot on the dancefloor.

In fact, the entire front of the dance floor was reserved for VIPs. Behind that was a fence for the photo pit, and behind the photo pit was where you could find GA ticket holders. This limited GA ticket holders to seeing behind the sound booth and to the left side of the stage, and it was a bit odd to see the front of the dance floor pretty much wide open until deadmau5 take over. But, realistically, no matter where you were on that lawn, the sound was booming and the energy was contagious!

deadmau5 We are friends @ Buffalo Outer Harbor
deadmau5 || Photo credit: Léa Sems

Final ThoughtsIf you haven’t seen deadmau5 on the event circuit, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket immediately!

When it comes to the deadmau5 experience, Joel and his team spare no effort. The lighting production and visuals look to the future, the flow between deadmau5’s classic sound and his new vision keeps the dance floor rippling, and the masterful band of drumming buddies he takes on tour is second to none. . But above all, it’s his incredible fanbase that keeps me coming back for more. PLUR was very much alive that night, and it was wonderful to see that my hometown still knows how to get down!

The We Are Friends tour is only halfway done, with Chicago on the radar for September 23. Check out the remaining dates, and if it’s coming to a city near you, call your friends and buy those tickets because it’s a party you’ll remember for many months to come!

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