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Dive Into “A Shape Of Sound” With Opiuo’s Fifth Album

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Embark on the sonic journey of a lifetime listening to Opiuo’s latest earth-shattering release, A form of sound.

Those who were lucky enough to experience the contagious groove Opiuo brings to his music, everyone agrees that it is a one-of-a-kind experience. The Australian producer brings a whole new level of creating a type of signature sound with mixtures of fiery drum pads, slurping synths and pleasing bass lines. Over the years, fans have thrilled at his releases like SYZYGY and “martian marchas well as remixes like “Heya” and “Higher Together” – not to mention the unforgettable live experience at Red Rocks.

Now Opiuo is back with high experience with their new full album, A form of sound. Her fifth album sums up her transformation into a full-fledged electronic superstar, with tons of new styles, features and production techniques mixed into her energetic vibe. There is a nostalgic essence that breaks boundaries A form of sound brings to the table, blending elements that brought him to the stage with the greatest scholarly mastery of his musical career. Along the ride are fan-favorite features like Eric Benny Bloom of Salad and The Big Giants own Dominique Lalli.

The first track, “flapjackwraps you around with its echoing siren and soars into that familiar bass beat you’d sink into during an Opiuo set. “Lasso” comes next and offers something different with an element of mystery like Elika brings gorgeous vocals to pair with creeping desire and fleeting synths. “To shiver” comes hot with Eric Benny Bloom as both deliver a mix of bass-heavy bounces, deep psychedelia, and extremely funky riffs. And in classic Opiuo style, Humphrey dumpling brings those glitch hop vocal chops paired with the deep, techno-heavy beat that takes you back to the Omniversal days.

Gravitate” with Jordan Denis is one of the standout tracks on the album with its dense groove essence and hip-hop elements, while “Particle dance interlude” gives off darker 80s synthwave vibes, transporting listeners straight into an episode of stranger things. Stick in to let Opiuo take you straight into the beauty of the album’s second single, “Dopaminewhich features his wife on vocals and a catchy, warehouse-style beat. “Front2Rear” is a track without limits from the start, with a fast rise in a crazy style of sliding and flowing bass waves.

Another of the shining leads on A form of sound is “Plutowith Dominic Lalli, who shines with a mix of chill saxophone and electronic synths that synchronize in harmony. “find your way” is a classic heater from start to finish, and “endless dream” with MOON and ZIV presents a different style of rhythm with a strong influence of drums and bass in a perfect syzygy with the rest of the track. This creates a cooler, elevated environment before Eric Benny Bloom arrives again on “To escape” to carry out this sonic journey.

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Opiuo- A form of sound – List of tracks:

  1. flapjack
  2. Lasso (feat. Ellika)
  3. Quiver (with Eric Benny Bloom)
  4. Humphrey dumpling
  5. Gravitate (with Jordan Dennis)
  6. Particle Interlude
  7. Dopamine
  8. Front2Rear
  9. Pluton (feat. Dominic Lalli)
  10. find your way
  11. Endless Dream (with MOONZz and ZIV)
  12. Take Flight (feat. Eric Benny Bloom)
Opiuo A form of sound

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