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DJ/producer DJ ALBNAJ is taking the music scene by storm with his new album

Talented music producers no longer need to find a label to be recognized in the music industry. The growth of social media has been the backbone of these talents who can find an audience all over the world. This brings a flood of fearless and experimental new talent. DJ/Producer DJ ALBNAJ is an example. The producer has become a household name in the music industry over the past three years in Europe.

DJ ALBNAJ is officially known as Jan Johannes Blankestein, who was an entrepreneur but discovered his passion and love for music, earning a living from royalties from his music and live performances in Europe. His passion for music began at an early age, and by the age of 5 he was already playing piano and guitar. His interests in clubbing, production and music converted his outlook to change his career to become a full-time DJ and producer.

Over the years, DJ ALBNAJ discovered his growing interest in electronic dance music and creating beats for hip-hop artists. He spends day and night honoring his craft and learning from the best in the music industry. Three years ago, at the start of his musical career, DJ ALBNAJ was having a hard time breaking into the music industry. Even with his great talent and passion for music, he struggled to find his audience.

This made DJ ALBNAJ realize that quality wasn’t the ultimate thing for your career as a musician; consistency is key.

DJ ALBNAJ continued to practice and work on his musical craft even though he didn’t get many bookings or listeners. Instead, he used to send tons of emails to clubs and organizations to increase his musical exposure. Over time, his music began to gain recognition from a listener to over 500,000 total streams. He is now booked months in advance and travels all over Europe and Asia for his shows. DJ ALBNAJ went from zero to here in record time.

DJ ALBNAJ’s new album, “Dreamoholic”, has been shared on social media by his influencer friends he met at his concerts. It is featured on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and 34 other platforms.

DJ ALBNAJ is a rising musical sensation on social media. He has built an extensive network and connection over the years and is in close contact with the biggest producers in the music industry. He is passionate about live shows and loves the club atmosphere. The feeling of playing for thousands of people is the best feeling ever. However, he wants to keep releasing more albums this year to continuously grow his music brand. His accomplishments and willingness to work extremely hard set DJ ALBNAJ apart from the rest. It’s only a matter of time before DJ ALBNAJ is among the top 10 DJs in the world.