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“I tend to be very emotional when creating an EDM. So emotion translates into rhythm and rhythm frequently incites the same emotions as listeners, ”explains Placide Munyaneza Iradukunda, also known as Placid Irad.

The 23-year-old Electronic Music Dance (EDM) artist says he can tell stories just by creating beats, adding that collaborating with other artists takes him to the next level.

When he was still in high school, he acquired the musical theories he needed to start making beats after joining a choir and learning to play the guitar.

In 2016, he was fascinated by EDM and started learning how to produce his tracks with YouTube tutorials, and practice being his learning curve.

He realized that EDM has an appealing sound that could easily allow him to express his emotions through his melodic synths.

He reveals that music has helped his character arc as it has a healing ability, adding that whenever he goes through bad things he can turn to music.

Iradukunda has since released IDME (I Disappoint Myself Everyday), an album which includes 11 songs produced in 2019, and which can be found on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. His songs include ‘Always & Forever’ with Naomi Syfy, ‘Ndi Sana’ and ‘Na Avoka’, a remix he made for Derek YMG’s song called ‘Feel My Pain’, to name a few – a few.

He shares that the unique aspect of music is that it was made by him, adding that one can listen to it and identify with it.

One of his notable beats was his contribution to the “Ururabo Challenge” organized by Sogokuru.

Iradukunda is also a poet. He says that music and poetry, as art forms, are related, adding that poetry helps him write beautiful lyrics and he can mix with music to tell a concise story.

He has been able to make connections with different musicians in the industry, which is important to him because collaborations are easy and essential for growth.

However, it still faces a lot of challenges, including the fact that there aren’t enough tangible ways to generate income from music and people don’t stream a lot.

However, he plans to grow through more unique collaborations, shows and releases. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter under the name @IradPlacide.

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