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Electronic music label Monstercat to launch own NFT platform


Monstercat, the electronic music label and leader in musical and technological innovation, is set to make history by being the first label to launch its own digital collectibles (NFT) platform .

The new announcement is the latest after the music label released multiple NFT collections earlier this year, starting with the now iconic Constellations Pack. His latest NFT set, the “ODYSSEY Auction”, was made with Argentinian artist Jose Delbo and Portuguese musician RAC.

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IDOLS and RELICS Monstercat

Monstercat is set to release IDOLS on September 28. This is a 3D model that functions as a blockchain-powered “virtual jukebox” and can activate any NFT Monstercat in various decentralized metavers, both for augmented reality (AR) and reality. virtual (VR).

The new NFT platform is supported by the Nifty Gateway digital art online auction platform and the OpenSea trading platform. Collectors will be able to integrate their IDOLS into various virtual domains like Decentraland, creative suites like Blender and social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. IDOLS will be available starting at $ 199 in open editions on Nifty Gateway and limited to one per buyer.

Additionally, later this year, Monstercat is looking to roll out its own digital collectibles platform, RELICS. This project will sell NFTs of the same name. IDOLS and RELICS are both designed to work together. For example, IDOLS are the “virtual jukebox” while RELICS serve as “virtual disks” that can be played there. Each RELIC contains a full Monstercat track with corresponding visuals – all in NFT format. Owners will have the ability to play their songs without worrying about DMCA policies in the Metaverse. Additionally, they will also have the ability to unlock future rewards and features to keep RELICS collections in their possession.

Not only do these innovations position Monstercat as the first record label to launch its own NFT platform with digital collectibles straight from its own catalog. Additionally, IDOLS will serve as the first 3D models and AR integrations on Nifty Gateway.

About Monstercat

Founded in Waterloo, Canada, in 2011, Monstercat has grown into one of the largest and most influential independent record labels. Since its inception, the record label has expanded its global presence with offices in Singapore and Los Angeles. Backed by its passionate employees, creative and motivated artists and dedicated fans around the world, Monstercat continues to show that independent labels also have the ability to reimagine and reshape the music industry.

Besides the production, release and distribution of music, Monstercat has also expanded to cover clothing, live event hosting, game partnerships and timing deals. With over 100 events in 16 countries, the music label has hosted shows and stages at some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Amsterdam Dance Week, Miami Music Week and Tomorrowland. Monstercat also hosts its own local festival, called “Compound”, which draws thousands of fans to Vancouver to celebrate community, art, music and more.

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