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Eli & Fur presents latest single “Skyway” on Cercle Live Stream

Eli & Fur lifted fans above the clouds with their latest single “Skyway” during their Circle live stream at Skyway Monte Bianco in Italy!

Circle always sets the bar high, seeking places that stun the mind, in places that represent the spatial wonders of the world. Taking a look at past editions of their feeds, you’ll find big-name artists such as Jamie Jones, Disclosure, Bob Moses, Black coffee, Above and beyond, and many others carrying the torch. Now you can add Eli & Fur to this list as they recently played in Italy, live from Courmayeur at Skyway Monte Blanco.

Eli & Fur opened the show with their latest single, “Air route”, and played in the dawn of a bright horizon line through the clouds. The livestream begins with a swinging chord conceiving mystery, as a panoramic view of the Italian mountains flickers through sunlight and clouds. Next, the low-frequency bass line pumps adrenaline into the air as Eli & Fur present their unique sound and voice in perfect harmony, echoing above the mountain range. Then, as “Skyway” moves on to the next track, the added layers of production sweep through the heart, producing a lasting impression as a light beat draws listeners into a hypnotic reverie.

The latest edition of Circle put the heart and soul of the duo’s most authentic expression at the helm, and by sharing their authenticity, this performance is a true indicator that Eli & Fur will continue to push themselves beyond to their limits, emphasizing the anticipation for more music to come from the duo.

While waiting to see what’s next, hit play on Skyway Monte Bianco’s Eli & Fur set and enjoy their brand new track “Skyway” on your favorite platform.

Watch Eli & Fur live from Courmayeur, Skyway Monte Bianco on YouTube:

Eli & Fur live from Courmayeur, Skyway Monte Bianco

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