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Exciting new synths from Superbooth 2021


As Superbooth 2021 continues in Berlin, the annual synthesizer convention hosts a slew of new releases and product announcements. With the 2020 show canceled due to the pandemic, it appears that many companies have taken this moment to record their most exciting announcements of the year.

See highlights from the show below.

Tiptop Audio Buchla 200 Series Modules

Video presentation of Buchla & Tiptop Audio.

One of the show’s most exciting announcements is Tiptop Audio’s collaboration with the legendary Buchla. By showcasing seven modules that bring Buchla’s 200 series designs to Eurorack standards, Tiptop hopes to bring a wider audience into the unique world of Buchla synthesis. The prices that have been announced so far put each mod in the $ 160 to $ 210 price range.

Modules include the 258t Dual Oscillator Model, the 266t Uncertainty Source Model, and the 281t Quadruple Function Generator. Some modules will start to be released this winter, while others are scheduled for next spring and summer.

Erica Synths PÄ“rkons HD-01

Erica Synthes PÄ“rkons HD-01

Erica Synths makes a bold statement about her new PÄ“rkons drum machine and synthesizer, saying the PÄ“rkons HD-01 “will change your approach to electronic rhythm synthesis”.

How could he accomplish this? It has four different voices: built from digital sound engines (each with three modes), then an analog multimode filter section that offers bass, bandpass, and lowpass filtering. Then there’s a built-in bucket-brigade delay, along with an optical compressor and master overdrive. With individual outputs for each voice, it is designed to be played with external equipment.

Pērkons is slated for release this winter, at a retail price of US $ 1,999 or € 1,650.

UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop Computer

UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop Computer

UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop Computer

UDO Audio’s Super 6 12-voice binaural synthesizer caused a stir at Superbooth 2019, when it was still a prototype. A year later, the Super 6 arrived complete. With six truly stereo voices, spread across the left and right output channels, this is a tremendously sounding polysynth that puts the word “lush” into an understatement.

At Superbooth 2021, UDO Audio announced the upcoming release of the Super 6 Desktop unit, which bundles all of the original synth into a more affordable and compact package. It is expected to sell for US $ 2,399.

Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo

Euroburo – ZOIA has become (more) modular

First unveiled over a year ago now, Empress Effects’ new ZOIA Euroburo should finally start shipping this Friday, September 17th. The developers describe this new digital modular system as “a real Russian nesting doll situation” because it can be installed in your Eurorack system or used as a desktop device.

The Euroburo has four freely assignable CV inputs and outputs and is designed to take you away from complicated menus and into touch-sensitive patching, deleting, editing and music creation. Users can create signature effects, synths, sequencers, and use Euroburo’s 90+ mods to fill just about any gap in your setup.

The new ZOIA Euroburo will start at $ 649 for the module only, while $ 748 will get you the additional desktop box and power supply.

Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

Neuzeit Instruments Quasar

The market for stereo modules has grown at Eurorack in recent years, and German manufacturer Neuzeit Instruments is capitalizing on this interest this year with their new Quasar, a 2-channel 3D audio mixer.

Uniquely, the module creates a 3D sound image of two inputs using binaural algorithms and makes them available in two positions with very flexible routing options from there. You can really create an immersive sound space, with sounds coming from all directions.

More details and pricing are yet to come, but in the meantime, get a taste of the mod’s sound on the Instagram brand page– and don’t forget your headphones for the best experience!

Waldorf M

Sound demonstration of the Waldorf M wavetable synthesizer

Waldorf also unveiled a new wavetable synthesizer called M at this year’s Superbooth show. “With M, we musically return to our roots by bringing back the classic and ‘modern’ Microwave II generation of sounds,” writes the brand on its website.

They go on to say that the M is “a classic next-generation hybrid wavetable synthesizer with 24dB / Oct analog low-pass VCF — SSI 2144 enhanced scale type — with analog resonance and saturation function. , a true stereo analog VCA with pan option, and much more to explore in a desktop-friendly format with a wide range of unique sounds. “

Pricing and availability information is yet to come, but be sure to watch the video above to hear a sound sample of some of the things the new M wavetable synth is capable of.

Malicious PWM

MALEVOLENT // Official Promo

PWM is a brand new company founded by Paul Whittington, a musician with over 20 years of experience in various large electronic music companies. The Malevolent is the brand’s very first synthesizer. It comes equipped with two VCOs, playable performance controls and is also a pre-patched semi-modular standalone synthesizer.

Sonicstate is out an informative video with Paul Whittington giving a good overview of the features of the synth and worth a visit to hear all the expressive, playful and gnarly sounds it can produce.

Dreadbox Nymphs

Dreadbox Nymphs

Dreadbox Nymphs

Finally, Dreadbox has released a new 6 voice analog polyphonic synthesizer called the Nymphs. It features a waveform VCO, one LFO per voice, two envelope generators, octave low-pass and high-pass filters, and more. It will be available from November.

The brand has, however, been criticized for its marketing of Nymphs, having “devoted [the synth] to all abused and oppressed women “without donating any part of the sales of the product to a charity or organization genuinely dedicated to supporting abused and oppressed women.


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