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Exclusive first song: “Heart Full Of Love” by ÌFÉ


Puerto Rican-born New Orleans band ÌFÉ, which was founded by Crescent City producer and percussionist Otura Mun, is an electronic music group that specializes in combining aspects of Afro-Cuban folklore and Yoruba religious music with the booming sounds of modern Jamaican dancehall, trap and afro-beat.

The group, which released their first album, IIII + IIII, in 2017, has since made a name for itself, celebrating the love, connectedness and full hearts that thrive when the right music is in the air and the collection of people are in sync and in motion together.

ÃŒFÉ, who recently received praise from The New York Times and NPR Small desk, will release his new album, 0000 + 0000, November 5. The group has already released a single from the album “Fake Blood”. Now American Songwriter presents their second single, “Heart Full Of Love”, below.

The new track, which reinvents the rare 1965 groove ballad of Los Angeles soul group The Invincibles in a psychedelic Afro-Cuban Lamento, reminds listeners that even in the midst of all the stress and struggle of life, love still reigns supreme. It is a message that is needed in our ears now, of course, more than ever.

“Over the past few years,” says Mun, “as my day-to-day life has become more and more political, I have struggled to reconcile the type of mindset that knows that ‘Fuck The Police’ is. [the] good message, even though I have no room for hate in my heart. Hearing The Invincibles singing about love in their hearts, even though others might not see it so easily, touched me.

“Embracing radical love means that we cannot support institutions that work at the expense of others, like the military, like the empire, capital punishment, the industrial prison complex and the police. Standing alongside the oppressed against the oppressor is always an act of love. ”


October 16 – Ace Hotel – New Orleans, LA

November 16 – World Cafe Lounge – Philadelphia, PA

November 17 – Elsewhere – Brooklyn, NY

November 18 – Bombyx – Northampton, MA

November 19 – Black Cat – Washington, DC

0000 + 0000 List of tracks:

01 Prelude II [ft. Lex]
02 Fireflies
03 fake blood [ft. Robby the Lord]
04 Tu Sabes K Si
05 Wednesday’s child [ft. Saint Ezekiel]
06 The Tear (Bembé)
07 Prayer for Shangó
08 Voodoo Economy (WolfMan)
09 Heart full of love
10 M. Envy
11 Closing prayer [ft. The London Lucumi Choir]

(Main photo by Trenity Thomas)


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