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Exclusive interview with DJ and producer Matchy


What inspired you when producing your latest gaskets on Beyond Now and KATERMUKKE?

Let’s be honest: although thanks to Corona (and therefore the closed clubs and no concerts around the world) there has been more time to produce new music, it has been a very difficult time – even when it is. it is about producing new music.

Personally, I draw a lot of energy for the studio from clubbing, from the crowd vibe on the dance floor and I certainly missed that during the months of confinement in order to be creative. But after an initially less productive phase, I also had a very good phase in the fall and I discovered for myself that I really enjoy collaborating with singers and producing songs that I also love. hear at home rather than “just” pure club tracks.

What stimulates your creativity in music?

There are many things. It is often the great experience you have gained over the weekend. These experiences and memories give you the strength to return to the studio with all the energy you need during the week.

But also many small impressions from everyday life can be used and translated directly into track elements. It could be a conversation that could lead to a runway topic or just street noise at the right height or even the buzzing of a fly at the right pace.

What challenges are you currently facing as an artist but also as a label owner?

At the moment, mainly how to sort it out and put everything under one roof.

Although I would love to start a new song project every day because my head is full of creativity, a good song takes time, revisions and more adjustments.

A lot of times I don’t get home until Monday after a long weekend and usually need a day off to recuperate. Along with the administrative work that I have to do as well, that often leaves me with a day or two that I can spend in the studio during the week.

Same goes for the label: Of course I would love to release more music on the label than right now but quality comes first and the label is as good as its team – I can’t do it all alone. Beyond Now is structured like a family business. But with your family of choice, great artists and friends, creating an environment where you feel right at home.

You travel internationally and play in clubs and festivals around the world. What do you always have with you to while away the time on the plane?

I usually check out Netflix the day before my flight and download a few movies so that they are available offline for me to watch during the flight. It is important to have a clear mind and to rest, because the journey from one concert to another is often very tight and therefore quite exhausting. However, sometimes I try to work on new songs – for example if I have already done a lot of the production in the studio, I can work on the arrangement just with my laptop. But it actually works better on a train ride rather than on a plane.

What fascinates you the most about the scene?

The scene never stops, there is always something happening: new countries, where electronic music is booming, new trends and new styles are constantly appearing. It’s all about emotions and smiling faces – no matter what, who or where – people yearn for freedom and fun, at least shying away from reality a bit. Electronic music and our stage offer exactly that opportunity.

I love being able to do exactly what I love and our scene is one of the few that gives you the freedom to do it. Thanks to my Beyond Now label, I don’t have to follow any label’s style guidelines. I can do exactly the music that I just want to do that comes from my heart.

And where do you get the energy for your high-quality release, which repeatedly reaches the top of Beatport and countless tracks on Spotify?

I’ve learned to be more patient and that good productions take time, even if it’s a “simpler club track”. Today I test and adjust the tracks several times before they are ready to be published. It is only when I am 100% satisfied and the song performs on the dance floors as desired, it is scheduled to be released.

Usually every two weeks I lock myself in the studio for a few days and just work on new song ideas from morning until late. By focusing all my energy solely on the music during this period, I often get around 5 strong ideas, which I will then work on and finalize over the next few weeks. Oh yeah .. and taking naps here and there, that also helps haha.

What happens with “Matchy” in the weeks and months to come?

It’s more than great to be back on tour and the festival summer isn’t over yet. He just moved to warmer countries like Africa, India or South America. But I also look forward to the club season which will start soon in Europe. For example, I can’t wait to play in Ukraine for the first time in October and the reopening of the club in Germany will be huge for sure!

In addition, I have a lot of new songs in the works, which will be released soon. So stay tuned!


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