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Explore the electronic sounds of India with KRMA

KRMA bassist shares insight into India’s burgeoning electronic music scene and heats up an id-filled mix.

From trance sounds to heavier bass, the electronic music scene in India continues to grow year by year. A bass music producer who is starting to make a splash both in his home country and in North America is KRMA. Riding a wave of releases including “popsicle,” “Helix,” and “OrionOver the past few years, he has caught the eye of tastemakers and fans alike while traveling to Los Angeles to attend ICON Collective.

This year, KRMA has emerged with even more in store as it heads towards alter ego with “Changes” and two recent tracks on Good quality recordingsGroove theory” and “Organized chaos.” Now, to celebrate those releases, he’s created an overflowing mix of idents and is giving us all a glimpse of the ever-expanding scene in his hometown. Gurgaon and the rest of India too.

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring the sound of India into my vision for everyone,” KRMA said. “When people talk about Indian music, only a few instruments come to mind. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. My goal is to bring the darker, grittier sound of India’s many cultures using electronic music.

The local scene in India is getting ready and Delhi/NCR in particular since it’s my hometown (Gurgaon). All my friends kill it there, Maahir, Veer, Katoptris, Brij – three oscillators, Insowmya, Robu, Kalbaisakhi and Ukato to name a few with a group of super talented artists pushing the scene. As seen with many world famous events such as Boiler Room heading to India for a three city tour, this definitely puts us on the radar for future shows.


As for the genres that have been developing lately, KRMA mentioned that drums and bass, UKG and left field electronics are starting to become popular. “We have Karan Kanchan’s Neckwreck team pushing the bass music scene hard on tour recently,” he said as an example of this growth. And KRMA also mentioned beyond the borders of his home country, “many Indians are killing him outside the country and pushing the name forward.” But it doesn’t stop at standard shows with him stating “One more interesting thing I like to see is how brilliantly it’s associated with fashion and streetwear, especially with a lot of start-ups that organize pop-up events with great electronic music.”

India will soon be a thriving hub for this music and I’m so ready for it.


Listen to this exclusive KRMA guest mix on SoundCloud, download or stream “Organized Chaos” on your favorite platform, and stay tuned for more from this rising scene star.

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