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FIRST | HWLS brandishes thunderous new remix of UZ’s “Monster”


Based in australia HWLS has been one of the most convincing producers of electronic trap music since its emergence in 2014. The massive drum beats and wall-shaking sub-bass kept us on the edge of our seats. Today we are delighted to present its first release of 2021, and it goes through a new remix for UZ‘s track, “Monster. “

HWLS wanted us to face with this one, and that’s exactly what they did with this new remix. The drums are hitting louder than anything we’ve heard in a while, making them perfect for flushing out a big sound system. Slamming synths add a lot of dissonance to the track, while the big drums near the end resolve it, bringing everything together with massive gain.

This remix is ​​from UZ’s upcoming remix album for its latest release. The full remix of the LP is scheduled for Friday, October 29th.

Here’s what HWLS had to say about the approach to this remix:

I just wanted to create a big drum to complement the original synths, some space between hits and for it to blow hard on a big system, UZ has been a Don in the trap scene since its inception so I wanted to have a have a little fun with and keep it punchy enough and in your face.

You can get an exclusive first hearing of the full HWLS remix below. Enjoy!

UZ – Monster (HWLS Remix)


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