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Fresh Finds: Adele releases a single from the next album; Cheat Codes teams up with Travis Barker for rock album


The caption says it, a good playlist can make a not-so-good week even better. Before you dive into the stress of Monday, give your ears something to soothe them through the long days.

If your playlists must contain new songs, here are some new tracks to help you get through the week.

While everyone has their favorite genre of music, we’ve created a playlist that will appeal to any mood or preference. Below are some new songs that are perfect for walking to class, working out at the gym, sitting in your dorm, or pulling out those last minute papers. Here are seven new songs to get you through the week:

“Guerilla” by Rémi Wolf

It’s about having a good time for artist Remi Wolf, best described as doing “ADHD love songs” in an interview with iD Magazine. In the fourth song of his debut album Juno, Wolf weaves bisexuality and party culture with the support of an exciting synth and percussion like “Make Me feel” by Janelle Monae.

Remi Wolf is not afraid to show that she is openly bisexual. The division of lyrics in Guerrilla shows the appreciation of men with “They bring me under the East Side guys, they bring the thunder” and the appreciation of women with “She’s the best.” Shake it too hard. She might lose him. ”

“Call U Tomorrow” by Montell Fish

Montell Fish is heartbroken by a recent breakup in “Call U Tomorrow”. Best known for his songs “Talk 2 me” and “On my Way”, Montell Fish writes on “themes of humility and love embracing unique and original music,” he said in an interview with Genius News.

However, in “Call U Tomorrow” with dark guitar riffs, you instantly know that it can be related to a breakup or a song of regret. The lyrics “It’s the death of us I cry out” really reminds us that breakups happen and that you want to say something.

“The weekend” by 88rising, BIBI

88rising is teaming up with Korean singer BIBI for a play about the rejection of a temporary partner.

At the beginning, this song is very catchy with mellow chords. The groovy bassline sets the stage for stable lyrics: “Why, why, why / Why aren’t you in me?” It’s a shock song that he doesn’t like her and the repercussions of that rejection.

“Missin U” by Cheat Codes, Travis Barker

The pleasantly surprising combination of Cheat Codes and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker goes on a nostalgic journey on “Missin U”. Cheat codes are commonly known for their trap-like beats and electric synth scraps.

However, in “Missin U” Travis Barker delivers the 90s grunge vibe with modern touches. The guitar and bass riffs are reminiscent of Nirvana’s “All Apologies”. The steady rhythm of the drums and the use of snares on this track is a necessary change of pace on the album.

“Easy On Me” by Adele

“Take it easy / It’s been a while” is Adele’s message on her new single “Easy On Me”. This single marks Adele’s return after a six-year hiatus from the music release. Boy, did she make a comeback.

In an interview with Genius, she recounts how the song “sees the singer talking about the heavy stuff of her childhood when she was destined to be famous from a young age.”

“Here we go” by Mac Miller

“Here We Go” is second song from Mac Miller’s most anticipated album Faces, who was released posthumously.

Mac takes this to a whole new level, as he raps about his success in the rap industry, being a one-off rapper with no features or help from others and on his way to his new lifestyle.

Missing piece by Vance Joy, Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker, an American-German musical duo known for their songs “Drinkee” and “Best Friend”, offers an electronic remix with Vance Joy on “Missing Pieces”. The original track was written by artists Taylor Swift and Khalid who dropped out last summer.

With the remix, Sofi Tukker wasn’t afraid to add new grooves and tracks to the song. Adding shakers and changing the guitar to a ukulele is reminiscent of Vance Joy’s classic song “Saturday Sun”.


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