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Fuel pump issues on my Mahindra Armada


I get an average consumption of around 12 km / l and the SUV is struggling to go above 90 km / h.

BHPian Krishnamoorthi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear all,

My Armada has a Di-Turbo engine. After mounting the engine while it was running, the fuel pump made a clicking noise. The noise disappeared when the mechanical lift pump was primed. When I stopped priming, the sound repeated. The sound increased with an increase in the throttle.

I went to my mechanic. He told me the pump needed overhaul. It has been overhauled in an approved Bosch Diesel factory. He installed the pump after changing the fuel lines, lift pump, banjos, and fuel filter body to ensure there was no air in the fuel lines. The problem was resolved.

After about 1.5 km the problem started again. Went back to the mechanic, he repeated the same song – overhauled the pump (this time I was told the pressure setting was different), changed the fuel lines and the lift pump. The problem was resolved. The mechanic told me to always drive with at least half a tank of diesel. I made sure the tank was always half full.

After about 1000 km the same problem has started again now. Now he insists on installing an electronic pump before the sump pump to increase the pressure.

I’ll be happy to know if fitting an electronic pump will solve the problem.

The vehicle is fitted with 235/70 R16 tires with a crown ratio of 4.27. The GB is NGT 520. The average mileage I get is around 12 kmpl. I usually drive between 80 and 90 km / h. From day one I could feel the jeep struggling to go above 90 km / h. The accelerator pedal should be closed to 80% at 90 km / h.

Does the pump issue have anything to do with this cruise and mileage? Will the electronic pump provide better navigation?

Will installing an electronic booster pump affect the engine / pump in the long run?

Please suggest a solution.

Thank you.

Here is what BHPian Brumby had to say about it:

Hello Krishna,

It looks like a low fuel case and will depend on consumption. Idling will most likely be normal and as the speed increases the noise will increase and after a certain speed the drop in power will be very noticeable.

Hope the fuel lines and filter have been checked and there is no problem with it.

In addition, you can check the condition of the fuel tank from the inside. Not sure what material is used to make the tank, but in the case of a metal tank, corrosion debris over a long period of time begins to clog the filters frequently, especially when the vehicle is driven over rough terrain. , causing the fuel to sloshing in the tank, which causes the particles deposited in suspension in the fuel and easy entry into the filter.

Running the engine in this condition will cause increased wear to the fuel pump and require replacement.

If you plan to install an electronic booster pump, please clean the entire fuel system from tank to engine and return line to tank.

Hope this can help.

Here is what Jeeva BHPian had to say about it:

The Di turbo engine (MDI 3200) was equipped with a CAV type fuel filter and an electronic fuel pump. The XDP engine that came factory fitted in the Armada had the normal type diesel filter (as shown in the photo you attached), plus an oil bath air filter. A paper filter and a CAV fuel filter make a big difference, especially for a turbo engine.

The electronic pump you installed won’t really make a significant difference, as priming alone will create enough pressure for diesel to flow into the fuel pump. Adding 500ml of 2T brand oil with a full tank of diesel will definitely make a positive difference. You can also check the fuel return line from the injectors to make sure the injectors are working properly.

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