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Gospel artist opens state-of-the-art production studio | New times


Famous gospel artist Fabrice Nzeyimana has opened a modern recording studio in Kigali which is expected to provide high quality music in Rwanda.

Born in Burundi, Nzeyimana, who is also married to Maya, one of the region’s top gospel artists, believes his studio will make a significant contribution to the music industry in Rwanda and beyond, providing great music. that people sometimes look for abroad.

In an interview with New times, he explained in more detail how the studio came to life.

“I started to get interested in production because as an artist I wasn’t getting the sound I wanted for my own songs. The idea was to create a space where I could also produce the quality I wanted for my own records, ”he said.

“I like well-made music and I hate when the quality is only linked to the Western world, I took on the challenge of producing quality music here in Africa by creating the wavelab”, he said. he adds.

For Nzeyimana, Wavelab’s specialty is live music, but the studio also offers other services such as live recording, podcast recording, video commercials, and music production.

“From my point of view, I think our studio is versatile, we can basically do all kinds of music, we have enough space to accommodate artists and always respect social distance as advised by the Department of Health. We have several producers and we can record groups live, ”said Nzeyimana, explaining the difference between his studio and others in the country.

There is a great team behind the light projects that Wavelab produces which include Ishimwe Khrisau, Issa, Aron Nitunga and Marc Kibamba according to Nziyimana, the owner of the studio.

“We can work together even remotely. We collaborate and make sure that every song that gets released is of the highest quality possible, ”he said.

When asked if he had studied music, he replied that he had never attended a formal music school, but had studied music on his own for 20 years as an artist and musician. .

Although Nzeyimana is a gospel artist, his studio offers services to musicians of all kinds of music.

“The Wavelab studio records mainly gospel music. It doesn’t mean that we can’t work on other types of music. As a Christian, what matters to me are my beliefs and values. If a song doesn’t go against my beliefs, whether it’s gospel or secular, I can produce it, ”he said. New times.

Nzeyimana is among the few actors of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre in Rwanda, having produced big tracks like ‘Yitwa Ndiho‘ and ‘Ntawundi‘, he promises to use his newly opened studio to raise this genre in Rwanda.

“Not many people are doing EDM like it should be here, which shows how far we still have a long way to go. However, there are some artists who have done well in this area and as a wavelab studio we would also like to help stimulate this genre, ”he said.

Fabrice Nzeyimama is a Burundian artist based in Kigali, who started his musical journey in 2000 and moved to Rwanda in 2015. He founded Heavenly Melodies Africa in 2005, a successful ministry in the region, and now minister with his wife to Christian. Life Assembly (CLA Nyarutarama).

Some of the songs produced in the Wavelab studio include a song by all the gospel stars named ‘Sindohoka“which was released last week.

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