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Gregor Kaufmann Project to release new single “Inside Out” with Emma Withers


Inspired by legendary groups of the early ages, such as the Beatles and Pink Floyd, to venture into music, Nikolaus Neumann of the Gregor Kaufmann Project has, over the years, performed in various local groups, trying his hand at multiple genres. music before choosing your own genre of electronic music.

With an extensive discography spanning over thirty years, Neumann is set to add another single to the one featuring sensational Emma Withers from Emma & THE IDLES. The song “Inside Out” will be released on October 15, 2021, with a sample of his incredible vocals already available on the Gregor Kaufmann Project youtube page.

“Inside Out” is a slice of dreamy but upbeat pop perfection that is filled with the captivating voice of Emma Withers. Done with brilliant production, with dazzling string vibrations, ASMR sounds at the start of the song and shimmering synths, the track is indeed complemented by Emma’s transparent voice which seems to fit every verse perfectly. Gregor Kaufmann Project has teased the song to his fans on all of his social media pages, and the response so far has been incredible.

With persuasive lyrics, “Inside Out” is an avant-garde piece of music that will leave the listener in a state of admiration. “I’m turning upside down” is one of the main whispered statements in the song’s chorus. This will leave you wondering if the confusion and feeling state is positive or rather negative in origin. This makes the song a MUST LISTEN. So many pop songs have been released throughout the summer and have taken to the airwaves, but Inside Out is a sound of something different that you haven’t heard of yet. The Gregor Kaufmann Project put so much thought into the production, mixing and mastering of the song to make it sound like a beautiful piece from the early 90s. The official track due out on October 15th will encompass all production added to the track. However, currently on the Gregor Kaufmann Project’s YouTube page, an acoustic version released on September 18 is available for public streaming.

To listen to the sample “Inside Out”, visit https://youtu.be/X1HgVT3lgHE

From October 15, 2021, “Inside Out” will be available to stream on all social networks and streaming platforms of the Gregor Kaufmann Project, including; Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and YouTube. To stay in tune with the release of the single and all other Nikolaus Neumann projects, follow the links provided;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GregorKaufmannProject

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gregor_kaufmann_project

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gregorproject?s=21

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwoOzhn_Gr8XAMDLjSxrr-A

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ceAbIFFmjZ5mdyYIkiWrj?si=Cw9Z5zAdRwCg5GKxoYZaOw

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-227566614-624932792

About the Gregor Kaufmann project

Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, singer, producer and songwriter Nikolaus Neumann formed “Gregor Kaufmann Project” in memory of a friend of his who died as a teenager. The Gregor Kaufmann project has since rolled out as an electronic / world music project to the world.

Long after taking an almost 20-year hiatus from music, Neumann returned with The Gregory Kaufmann Project, including an extensive discography of his original tracks which he had for over thirty years on his album “Analog Tapes”. Under his new brand, Neumann released his first single, “Indian 56,” on July 22, 2021. The song is still available for public download on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

In this first song, Neumann absolutely announced his return to the musical circle with a performance that had not been experienced for long enough.

The single “Indian 56” featured angelic sounds wrapped in an exceptional production that featured a production masterclass. The two-and-a-half-minute song rolled out classic ’90s beats and the sound of modern blues music only found in the Southern United States.

After releasing his first single as part of his new project Gregory Kaufmann, Neumann released other songs like “Musica Para Claudia”, “Celtic Blu”, and also relaunched his 1990 album “Analog Tape” which includes fifteen songs under his project.

About Emma Withers (The voice of the new single “Inside Out”)

Emma Withers is an indie-pop artist and singer-songwriter who has embraced the music industry with awesome sounds and voices. Inspired by a whole series of musicians, in particular; Jack White, Amy Winehouse, Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Nirvana, David Bowie, Borns, James Taylor and many more, Emma has cultivated and shaped her style based on what you hear of her rich music today.

At the helm of their own group EMMA & THE IDLES since January 2020, they released their first track “Ride or Die” last year, and it received a warm welcome from their fans.

Under her own name, Emma Withers showcases her creative and innovative songwriting skills, collaborating on many projects in various genres (including the soon-to-be released single “Inside Out”). Emma has grown her portfolio in a timely fashion over the past year since becoming full-time in June 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down. His extensive discography includes pop songs like; Call Your Name, Spinning Around, Sands of Time, Need You and so many more.

“Inside Out”, which is scheduled to air on all Gregor Kaufmann Project’s social and streaming platforms on October 15, 2021, will be Nikolaus Neumann’s current project. The song will influence all fans of pop music in these changing times of unclear and random genres. Neumann has put the best of his latest projects into his new work to create a piece that will leave everyone wanting more. Sensation Emma Withers signed a case on the single to give it the ultimate feeling of bliss.

Pre-register: https://www.gate.fm/XMhxCrPz


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