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Hear the creative blend of contemporary pop and EDM from Canadian artist and producer Zarbo


Artist and music producer, Zarbo recreates the magic of the 80s with its quality remixes. His amalgamation of pop and EDM styles brings out the song with a new personality of its own which opens up the possibility for transient and new music to be released to the general public. His song, “Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix)” defines its soundscape as a contemporary counterpart to the 80’s musical syndrome. The artist transforms the powerful pop-infused rock song into a modern, bouncy array of flavors. Its remixed variation suits the modern crowd and compels them to indulge in timeless hobbies. The catchy electronic drops and dance tunes create an exceptional sound flow that makes the producer all the more ambitious.


the Artist and producer based in Canada was the founder, bassist and frontman of Zarbo, a Canadian power pop-rock trio formed in the 1980s. He remixed and reorganized many songs released by his band incorporating the virtues of EDM, pop and music. hip hop in modern tunes. “Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix)” is another interpretation that takes him to the modern scene, industry and the public. Musician Alex has been determined to relaunch his band since 2020 and the results have been greeted with great success. The new songs, ‘Get Up and Dance (Electro Remix)’ and ‘Correction in the direction (Electro Remix)I spent several weeks at the top of the Euro Indi Music Charts and World Indie Music Charts. During the renaissance period of his group, he accomplished many feats with his music and also directed the direction towards more success and popularity.

Artist Zarbo believes that dance and EDM define the essence of life. Shaking a leg or two at a pace can be recreational, but it also has deep purpose and meaning in breaking us away from the monotony of life. Some of his other recently released songs that have captivated audiences in their new avatar include “Getting To The Point”, “Oh Momentum”, “Unchained Melody” and “Runnaway”. Follow his work on Soundcloud, Facebook, Linktree, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Spotify right away.

Please visit here to listen to Zarbo songs: https://soundcloud.com/a-zarbo


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