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Heist mode offers a dose of techno to end the year


North American techno imprint Heist Mode packs a punch with 15 energetic tracks on the second volume of their eponymous compilation series.

Techno is a genre that has continued to thrive in the vast electronic music scene. As the melodic side of the spectrum has made its way into the hearts and minds of many new listeners over the past few years, the hectic rush-hour energy has started to take hold of souls as well. As techno enthusiasts across North America continue to immerse themselves in rave-ready sound, new labels have also started to appear, one of which is Break mode.

Intrepidly led by tech talent from Toronto Barbosa, Heist Mode is on a mission to light a fire in the minds (and feet) of those who love underground sound. Last year, the label released their eponymous debut compilation which was full of talented artists who brought a helping heart of aggressive and aggressive sounds, and now they’re back for another round. Available now on all platforms, Fashion Heist Vol. 2 features 15 cool radiators to invigorate every ounce of your being, whether in a dark warehouse or just dancing around the house.

The compilation kicks off is Barbosa with his amazing nicknamed “Samsara. As the screams swirl through the ears, the beat shifts into high gear before picking up the pace to extreme levels. The frenetic nature of it can instill fear in your heart when you first hear it. times, but soon after, you will find yourself mesmerized by this mental air. Chris Waldt then comes up with “Electromagnetic“and his robotic voice and booming rhythm guiding the path to a state of rave bliss, before Drakk’s BLOOD”Delivers another heavy punch in the guts. You will either be scared or thrilled when you realize that you are only three tracks away from this compilation.

Whether you’ve been nice or bad this year, Declan james serves some “Corrective punishmentwith his latest track. This one resonates with spatial blips and synths dominating the soundscape he set out to create – it’s a wonderful tune that stood out among others on the compilation. If you will go further, there is no doubt that EMILIANA Existential void, ” that of jiimi Queers walking with Jesus,” and Anastasia gromovaKeep your distance”Will satisfy your desires.

Others like JM2.0Overgrowth, ” by forsetîTestify and raise hell,” and FÜÜLROD Regenerator”Also stood out as those that were special in this list of tracks. Each offers unique elements and power in the dark, which is exactly what you would expect from a heavy techno heater so you can warm up during the winter chill.

Discover all the tracks on Fashion Heist Vol. 2 listening to it on Spotify or your favorite platform, and stay tuned to learn more about this rising techno footprint!

Flux Fashion Heist Vol. 2 on Spotify:

Fashion Heist Vol. 2 – List of tracks:

  1. Barbosa – Samsara
  2. Chris Waldt – Electromagnetics
  4. Declan James – Corrective Punishment
  5. EMILIANA – Existential void
  6. jiimi – Queers walking with Jesus
  7. Anastasia Gromova – Keep Your Distance
  8. JM2.0 – Overgrowth
  9. Stashole – Spirit Drift
  10. Agressør – Vergessen
  11. forset̨ РTo witness and raise hell
  12. Opening – Synthetic rhythm
  13. Zuzana Hakl – Fracture
  14. FÜÜLROD – Regenerator
  15. Chris Rubbra – 1996
Fashion Heist Vol.  2

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