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Hidden Door 2021 – who plays the music….


The organizers of the Hidden Door festival have announced the first acts of the 2021 music lineup.

This year the festival will take place right next to the Granton Gasholder and the headliner will be Scottish indie legend Pictish Trail, electronic maestro Rival Consoles and electro-pop star Hannah Diamond.

While last year’s festival was canceled due to the pandemic, the 2021 event takes place outdoors at the former Granton Gasworks site north of Edinburgh.

The site in front of the gasometer is used by Edinburgh College for their construction students

Hidden Door began a long time ago when David Martin put on an art and music show at the Roxy. Then the Hidden Door festival came to life in 2014 by cleaning up the abandoned vaults of Market Street which are now small retail units. Doing much the same the following year at King’s Stables Road, they then used the Leith Theater resistance piece in 2017, winning VisitScotland’s Thistle Award for Best Cultural Event.

Other artists on the four-day event’s concert list include afro-funk mega-group Ibibio Sound Machine and Manchester-based indie band The Orielles, along with a number of other names. British.

Hidden Door is a multi-arts festival that includes a diverse program of music, visual arts, theater, dance and spoken word, with a series of creative collaborative projects.

Tickets are available via www.hiddendoorblog.org/tickets or from Citizen Ticket.

The Hidden Door Live shows, where artists had the opportunity to work together to create something new, will form the basis of creative collaboration projects. They have been so successful online that many musicians, artists, directors and dancers have been invited to develop the creative collaborations in live performances for this year’s festival.

Esther swift The call, is an original composition that 20 musicians performed on an Edinburgh beach earlier this year, all socially distanced.

Every day from Wednesday September 15 to Sunday September 19, 2021, two stages will be built for live music and other performances, with dynamic lighting on the giant gasometer programmed to the beat of the music. There is a natural two-tiered arrangement at the site where construction students at Edinburgh College typically try out different types of work. There is even a small stretch of railroad tracks, but unfortunately it won’t be used during Hidden Door.

David Martin Creative Director of the Hidden Door Festival 2021 which will be held in Granton next to the gasometer and also in a “secret” building across the road PHOTO © 2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

David Martin, Creative Director of Hidden Door, said: “It is extremely exciting to work on this event. We have all sacrificed so much in the past 15 months and so many people have missed that feeling of being together – of sharing the experience of dancing together, of feeling inspired and happy together. This is what we are doing this for.

“We’re putting together a program that reflects this amazing moment – it’s upbeat and upbeat, and full of actors making amazing music right now. Music was something that got a lot of people through the blockages; but music also has an amazing ability to bring us together, and we packed as much of it as possible into this program because there was so much that we wanted to fit into it. From afro-funk to hyperpop, indie to electronics, whether you’re already a fan or discovering something new, come to Granton and dance!

Listen to our podcast with David here where you will hear about the exciting news that the other parts of the festival may be happening in a secret location nearby, all under one roof.

Hidden Door is working with Edinburgh College, which provided access to the West Shore Road site for this year’s festival. The event will also allow students to get involved, gain inspiration and experience to boost their future careers whether in lighting, photography or event management.

Edinburgh brewer Innis & Gunn is sponsoring this year’s festival and will be pouring a selection of its premium beers to pop-up bars at the Granton site, where food stalls will also be plentiful.

David Martin from Hidden Door on the split-level site that will be used for the Hidden Door festival this year. PHOTO © 2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

Decomposition night after night

Picte trail

Wednesday September 15 – Opening night with a legend

Scottish independent music legend Picte trail (Johnny Lynch) has long been a key player in Scotland’s independent music scene. The Eigg-based frontman will be bringing his entire band to kick off our 2021 festival in a warm and festive style.

Glasgow-based alternative pop artist MALKA and songwriter from Edinburgh Hamish Falcon, who both performed as part of Hidden Door’s live broadcasts during the pandemic, will also be featured.

The evening will also include a revamped version of The call through Esther swift, an ambitious social distancing orchestral piece premiered in March on an Edinburgh beach as part of our Hidden Door Live series.

Thursday September 16 – Indie atmosphere and surprises

Independent group based in Manchester The Orielles bring jangly guitars and clever compositions, backed by an impressive local indie lineup, including post-punk beginners Bikini body, alternative rock trio / electronic Cloth and dream pop quartet, Swimming school.

The Orielles

Friday September 17th – Afro-Beats Disco

An evening to dance your socks off, with an 8-piece afro-funk mega-group based in London Ibibio sound machine. Charismatic singer Eno Williams leads the mix of African and electronic elements, inspired by everything from West African funk and disco to modern post-punk and electro.

Starting the party will be Astrosnax, a jazz fusion group of five musicians and singer Jamie Sutherland.

The evening will also feature a new creative collaboration between the local electronic duo Maranta and artist Chell Young, taking you on a very special journey.


Saturday September 18 – Future-Retro Pop

Already registered with Primavera in 2022, the ultra-cool future-retro pop of Hannah diamond will bring a real sparkle to Granton. Expect hyperrealistic visuals and an authentic artistic voice that stands out in the hustle and bustle of the modern music world.

With DJs and music producers, including EASYFUN, to keep the party going between concerts, a special collaboration of the electronic alt-pop duo Post Coal Prom Queen, and electronic holding performance The future Descends, this night will please you for sure.

Sunday September 19 – Closing evening

Expect a cinematic and atmospheric closing night, all leading to a techno-electro crescendo with the master of the live electronic set, Rival consoles. Warm up with the local performance of the dreamy electronic pop duo Super Inuit, cinematic shoegaze strip Wozniak and hyperactive electronics producer Tupper Werewolf (aka Gordon Barr).

The special feature of the evening will be a cover of the visual artist Florence richardson and electronic composer Daniel GarciaThe collaborative project developed during the lockdown, which they are remaking for a live experience … with a few more surprises.

Hidden Door is an arts organization that aims to open up urban spaces as a platform for new and emerging artists, musicians, theater makers, performers, filmmakers and poets. By hosting temporary events, Hidden Door strives to showcase new works and create engaging environments for the public to experience, explore and discover.


Fireworks at the Gas Tower in Granton, Edinburgh, Scotland. Fabio Scalici

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