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Houston local bands open for California rock band trap – Coog Radio – University of Houston Radio


It was great news when three local groups – BLURRED IN10TIONS, Everglaze and Rozy – were announced to open for Trap. The show was at Get up on the roof, a venue known for its electronic dance parties and EDM performers, so it was a bit unusual for a rock concert to take place here, especially on Halloween weekend. Regardless, the show was very energetic and didn’t disappoint.

The independent / alternative group BLURRED IN10TIONS kicked off the first concert. They played songs like “Clothes” and “I can not explain, with a cover of “Mr. Brightsideby the killers. They were everywhere and you could tell they loved every second of it. As soon as their set was over, the members of Everglaze started to prepare their set.

Photos courtesy of May Garcia for Coog Radio

Rock band Everglaze was amazing, although it was awkward not being able to really hear lead singer Indy after a few songs. They had cool tunes reminiscent of the black keys; all their songs made you rock and bang your head like “Feels», Our favorite song from the set. Their energy was unmatched and their set couldn’t be better, until bassist Joe decided to join the crowd and run around while playing his bass! The group ended their set with the unreleased track “On the Rocks”, a song about alcohol that got Indy to encourage everyone to support the bar staff.

Photos courtesy of May Garcia for Coog Radio

With Everglaze over, rock band Rōzy (formerly known as STARFLIGHTROCKS) took to the stage. This group was dressed like the Powerpuff Girls, and even made it into the Powepuff Girls Theme Song in the intro of their set. They played songs like “Pretty little lies” and “Doll, and the group was phenomenal! Rōzy also introduced new unnamed songs, one that sounded like the intro to the anime show One Punch Man. We also heard the second cover of “Mr. Brightside” of the night, which the band admitted to be a misunderstanding. Everyone in the crowd was big fans of the group; someone even had a wig of Zoe’s iconic red locks. All the bands were great, but Rōzy had the best performance hands down.

Photos courtesy of May Garcia for Coog Radio

We only attended the show to see the cool Houston bands at this iconic venue, so we didn’t stay long enough to see Trapt. Regardless, the show exceeded our expectations and we are happy to see these groups become famous. These kinds of shows allow them to gain new followers, and it certainly did for us. We can’t wait to discover them at the next shows!


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