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How Bladee tricked me – WECB

It’s easy for me to remember the very first time I heard a Bladee (he/him) song – in fact, I’d say it’s hard not to remember the chaotic, loud sounds exploding over the speakers when Bladee makes his first impression on you. I decided to surf for new music to listen to on Spotify when I discovered Bladee’s first song I’ve ever listened to, “Be Nice 2 Me” from his 2018 album. Ice Dancer. From the first listen, Bladee aroused strong reactionary emotions in me, and I was left speechless. Either way, his lively and energetic melodies kept haunting me over the weeks, leading me to obsess over his entire discography for the next few months. Haunting is the word I would use best to describe Bladee’s music, but not necessarily in a negative sense. The quirky, weird and cyber-reality that emanates from the aura of his songs allows the listener to identify his sound as something new and refreshing.

It is difficult to determine exactly in which category Bladee’s music falls; Pitchfork referred to Bladee’s music as “Dissociation Music” or “Dance Pop”. Either way, his ethereal and experimental hip-hop sound has managed to cultivate an extremely loyal fanbase over the years. Spiderwhich was released on September 30, assures his fans will keep listening, as he ushers in a new era with a mix of instruments and synths that have yet to be heard from his music.

by Bladee Spider creates an electric, enigmatic and upbeat tone throughout most of the album with songs such as “UNDERSTATEMENT”, “I AM SLOWLY BUT SURELY LOSING HOPE” and “HAHAH”. Its opening track “UNDERSTATEMENT” immediately creates the energetic feel by introducing the thematic playing sound synths and constant build-ups. Shortly after the intro song, “I AM SLOWLY BUT SURELY LOSING HOPE” stands apart from his older music, as it uses electric guitar instead of synths, and creates a pop-punk layer to his usual sound. Later, one of the more chaotic tracks “HAHAH” uses a variety of high-pitched laughter background sound effects at the beginning with the repeat of “I’m crazy” for the song’s first section. Many songs are reminiscent of landscapes in computerized reality, like walking around in a take of Wreck it Ralph. Similar to Bladee’s previous solo album, The idiot (2021), this project features a variety of songs with layered synths topped with trap/hip-hop beats, to create an electronic feel. However, The idiotThe rap elements of are more prominent throughout the tracks, such as Spider emphasizes more flowing rhythmic and colorful instrumental choices. In this album, Bladee moves further away from the concept of Cloud-Rap and perhaps aims for something grander. It enters a new era by mixing experimental sounds and regular instruments, such as guitar and orchestral strings, to invite the listener on a dynamic and sometimes overwhelming journey that is taken through this album.

Spider is formatted as a layout of 13 different songs, 11 of which are titled in all caps, a creative decision Bladee has never made before. Maybe it’s to tell listeners that this is a “noisy” album, which I felt from the start of the first song. However, of the two songs that follow the standard title format, the song “She’s Always Dancing” separates itself from the rest of the tracks on the album. The song begins with a mysterious intro of unidentifiable words whispered into the listener’s ear, and uses distorted guitar to play soulful chords that eventually morph into a more muted version of the repeated video game-themed synths that are used throughout the album. The song creates a quiet, romantic, yet sad atmosphere, unlike its louder, noisier tracks. The last track, “URIEL OUTRO”, left me in contemplation. Unlike the upbeat opening track, “URIEL OUTRO” leaves listeners with a dark vibe that lingers long after the song is stopped. The use of strings and dark lyrics combine to create a sense of stillness, characteristic of moments of reflection or longing for the past.
Spider launches the singer into a fresher sound as he continues to discover ways to blend the old and new elements of music. True to its heritage, Bladee has once again haunted me. He certainly left myself and others desperately waiting for the innovative sounds the rapper will deliver in the future. If you are a new Bladee listener, Spider is an excellent introduction to the chaos of his music. Get ready for the themed melodies to live in your brain for the near future, inviting you to listen to them again.