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HPNOTIC hits the road to Basscon Wasteland

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LA-based euphoric hardstyle producer HPNOTIC kicks off The Road to Wasteland with a mix showcasing her energetic “HPNOTIC” style.

HPNOTIC maintained it for the hardstyle scene in America. During the year she played major events like Basscon Desert and Escape the psycho circus and come out tunes like “Move your body” with Suicide bomber to Keep the rave alive. America isn’t the only place she’s found success, as she’s traveled the world bringing her mesmerizing sound to the biggest stages, including Defqon. 1, Q-base, and tough with style.

Asked about the Hard Dance scene in the United States, HPNOTIC was very excited about its growth. She explained that American audiences are more open to hybrid music styles and talked about the collaborations that followed. “I see more and more artists from different genres collaborating with hard dance artists, as well as hard dance artists taking influences from other genres,” said HPNOTIC. “I am delighted with this development! I think creativity comes from combining different things together. Diversity will continue to take hard dancing to the next level.

At February 26, HPNOTIC is set to hit the stage at Basscon Wasteland – and to celebrate the festival’s return, she stopped by to shoot an exclusive mix for our Paradigm shift series. His mix gives fans a taste of his “HPNOTIC” style and features plenty of homegrown talent including lucky rabbit, Lady Faith, Heel, CUT, as well as a unique special treat.

Hard dance music has literally changed my life and it’s a big part of who I am. There is an incalculable amount of influence he has on my life. My love and passion for hard dance music has driven me to achieve unimaginable things like moving to Amsterdam and Los Angeles, as well as connecting with thousands of people around the world. I can’t imagine myself existing without her. With hard dance music, I feel like I can be myself, free from outside pressure. I have been dedicated to my HPNOTIC project for over a decade now.


Turn up the volume and get ready for Basscon Wasteland with HPNOTIC’s debut in our hard dance mix series, Paradigm Shift!

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Graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Passionate about Hard Dance. I live my life at 150 beats per minute. Email: [email protected]