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I Was Emotionally Purified By A Loop Machine – Chicago Magazine


YesI cried yesterday because I couldn’t connect the bluetooth speaker to my iPhone. It was very boring because I usually don’t want to have emotions. I like to get closer to a meme-like life of a yellow dog sitting in the middle of a flaming room – a little vague, but still cradling a flashy hat, which is a great attitude. My therapist is on maternity leave, and I should just ignore my feelings, dammit! But instead, with the distractions of fully open restaurants and bars, theaters, wild dating scenes, and a life accelerating to the pace of Before Times, my pandemic anxiety is looming.

I know I am not the only one. So I called the two best of the same idea (read: semi-suppressed) in pain after their own heavy pandemic, and we went to my living room for a healing session with Davin Youngs. meet. Davin is a singer and musician who can use his voice, instruments, loops and electronic rhythms to experience unique immersive sound. He talks about the tradition of sound as a healing modality and says he intends to set aside space for our minds and bodies to deal with the bullshit we have been ignoring.

After Davin set up the equipment, he mixed modern gear like an electronic board with loopers and effects pedals with more traditional Wu stuff like crystal singing bowls and pieces of chestnut shell on some ropes. I did. I feel emotional. Immediately, the three of us cry. Davin doesn’t seem to be oblivious to the huge emotional explosion we are feeling. If anything, he’s relaxed and calm, and then what you know is we close our eyes and we stretch to the ground. The music starts.

First, the crystal singing bowl will ring. Davin then begins to superimpose a “personal language” on the electronic rhythm. He doesn’t use words. It only uses syllables intended to evoke speech, but has no comprehension weight. The effect is like the start of Enya’s song. My thoughts reflect his tone. Every now and then I imagine myself spinning in the field or lying in peace. It really feels like a journey, sometimes intense and sometimes peaceful. My brain is never completely silent, so I draw the parts of my life that I want to heal and try to direct that energy. I’m working on a vulnerability, it’s more open, and the music has taken me everywhere I think. What if you don’t have to be anything other than yourself? What would you do if you were as good as me?

This idea bothers me.

When it’s over, I can’t say I’m a different person. But I felt connected to some essential truths and wanted to be more for myself. Impressed by the beauty Davin cares about us, we create this art with the intention of directing our beloved energy on our path. Or a credit card bill, or a COVID weight that I can easily put on but not take off. And while I couldn’t stay in this space forever, I felt very comfortable on the living room floor for an hour.

I Was Emotionally Purified By A Loop Machine – Chicago Magazine

I Was Emotionally Purified By A Loop Machine – Chicago Magazine


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